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  • Paring Chisels

    Paring chisels are light, long, thin, almost flexible chisels which are never malleted. They are used primarily for carefully shaving off thin amounts of wood when fitting joints. The long length gives maximum control. One hand on the handle pushes the chisel forward, while the other hand, up front on the blade, guides the cutting action. A classic use is to dress the sides of a mortise after roughly chopping it square with a mortise chisel. It can be a secondary investment, but very handy to have if you do a lot of joinery.
    The Japanese paring chisel, is a heavier chisel than its Western cousin, but the function is exactly the same. The most noticeable difference between the two is that the Western chisel is thinner and lighter overall, whereas the Japanese chisel is heavier but has a thin, triangular section. You trade off some of the flexibility of the Western tool for increased strength in the Japanese tool.
    For the ultimate in long chisels, we also carry Japanese slick chisels in our "Other Chisels" department.
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