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Photo Blog: The Stanley Bedrock Lever Caps


Photo Blog: The Stanley Bedrock Lever Caps 1
Download a hi-res version of the above image here
Certainly for me part of the fascination I have with tools is the beauty and elegance given to these work-a-day objects. I've started writing and assembling pictures for an upcoming blog post on the differences between the Stanley Bedrock and regular Stanley plane mechanisms and I could not help admiring - as I always do - both the sophistication and grace of Stanley cast metal parts. In the center of this picture is the early (c. 1900) Stanley Bedrock lever cap. I was really drawn to the elegance of the logo cast into the part. As time went by, and tastes and style changed the logo was simplified to the one on the left which is a 602 Bedrock from the 1920's. Later, Bedrock was dropped entirely as you can see on the Stanley lever cap on the 605 1/4 from the 1930's.
Same planes as above
Same planes as above, but in a different order

Download a hi-res version of the above image here
The pictures in this blog are in medium resolution, If you like the pictures feel free to click on the links download pretty hi res versions for up to about a 14" printed picture for your own use. The pictures also might make a nice screen saver or something.
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08/14/2022 Michael O’Brien
Joel, I am looking forward to your blog post on the Bedrock and standard Stanley planes.
08/14/2022 CT Engineer
Beautiful pictures, and I have searched out similar pix for screen savers - thanks!
One dichotomy: as the style features changed through time, the screws holding the lever cap and the knob have remained identical. So, while they varied styles to presumably appeal to customers, once they hit on a functional feature that works, they lock it into their repertoire. One imagines mega bins of screws that never bottom out over the years while new lever caps parade down the runway at the Milan tool show each spring. It must have been a fun company in those days.
08/14/2022 jack louth
I have pondered my fascination with tools. You expressed it accurately as there is the enduring design (or art) in quality woodworking tools and the pleasure of creating with them.
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