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Scratch & Dent Sale

Fri Jul 08 2016

Scratch & Dent Sale 1Over the years we have accumulated tons (literally) of tools and stuff that we cannot sell at full price. They are sitting here waiting for a new home. So we are having a two day sale. All day Friday starting at 9:00, continuing until Satuday we will just put out bins and see who shows up. To save us time - we will be making prices up as we go along. Joel will be that and do the Flea market pricing thing. Some of th items will included discontinued and discounted Festool drills and cordless jig saws, a few rare books, and lots of misc stuff we just don't know what to do with. (Forklift and Noah are not included in the sale)
These items will not be on the website.

Duration: 2 days.
Where: At our showroom at 112 26th Street, Brooklyn, NY 11232
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06/29/2016 Christopher
Can't quite tell what that image is on Noah's tee shirt. It's not a traditional "I [heart] NY." Looks like something more exotic. But what??
it's our I Saw NY shirt here:
07/25/2016 Mike
Of all the times to be out of town. ;'(
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