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Chris Pye's Great Idea


Chris Pye's Great Idea 4Chris Pye is a great carver. He is also one of the great woodworking writers and teachers today.

Chris has always been interested in finding new ways of teaching to a wider and wider array of students. Although revenue from print instruction has declined, good teaching materials still take lots of time and resources to create. Chris' 's solution to both problems is engage his students directly and personally on a new wonderfully executed web site.

Click here For Chris's web site. Don't even bother reading the rest of my blog! What Chris has done is build a subscription website with some of the highest quality made for the web videos I have ever seen.
I just watched a two minute clip and learned something! The cost is £66 per year (around a $100/year billed monthly at about nine bucks) and easily charged to any credit card. You get 24/7 access and a host of other features - for about the cost of 3 or 4 DVDs. Plus you can email him questions.

The very very high quality of the videos in both instruction and production values raises the bar for all of us. I think I'm seeing a glimmer of the future of craft training. The site is owned by Chris so he gets all the revenue, not just a small royalty, which is great because this will give him the resources to continue to produce more top grade material.

If you ignored my advice and didn't click away previously click here now for Chris's web site!

By the way, we stock a lot of books, DVDs and specialist tools by Chris Pye in the store. And while seeing stuff in action is great, having written reference material is just as valuable.
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This is really exciting to see another online resource like this. It also means that I'm not on the hook to teach people how to carve in my own Hand Tool School site. I hope Chris is ridiculously successful with this so some of the other luminaries in the craft consider an online option. I get so many emails from my own members about how difficult it is to go to traditional classes and take time away from family and work. The online instruction model is an excellent alternative! Thanks for the heads up Joel!
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