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Home Stretch 4The Joiner and Cabinet Maker went to the printer today. I know there have to be little gotchas here and there but all the words are blending into one another and at some point you have to step back and let the project be born. I'm real excited now - my work is done - Chris and the Lost Arts Press still has to get it through the printer and stuff but now is the time for me to step back, breath deep, put the reference books back on the shelf, throw out the last set of corrected proofs and go on with my life. Oh yeah and I need to finish the company catalog soon too.

I think this has been one of the most interesting projects I have ever worked on in my life and certainly the most important.

We should be taking pre-orders in a few days.

(sorry about the crappy picture - I took it last night night around midnight as I was putting the book material away, tossing drafts, etc. )
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09/16/2009 Mike Renfro
Thanks so much for taking on this important project. I appreciate your dedication and commitment to excellence. It's reflected in the tools you offer woodworkers.

09/16/2009 Chuck Nickerson
I wouldn't throw out the corrected proofs just yet. If the book takes off and becomes a minor classic, they'll make a great auction item for an EAIA fundraiser.

Looking forward to the book.
09/16/2009 Stephen Shepherd

Put me down for a copy. Looking forward to this important work.

09/17/2009 Gary Roberts
Joel & Chris... I've been digging deep to try and find out who wrote this series for Charles Knight. And no luck. My guess is that the authors of the various sections were either 'gentlemen' or pretenders to the same. It could have been too low brow and common for them to attach their names to industrial arts titles. Charles Knight is still in existence, but the company has gone through so many changes that they no longer have records of their early works. I tried to do the same once with Holly (Wiley) but they too lacked any early records. Tis a pity.

Still and all, can't wait to buy a copy.
Some of the books in the series have authors, actually most of the ones I have do. The J&C is one of the few that doesn't.

09/17/2009 Gary Roberts
Joel... which makes me wonder if one of the authors of the other books was also the author of Joinery?

I've had these books on my want list for awhile, but haven't found copies yet at the price I want and in the condition I prefer. But then, if I found everything I wanted, what would I look for?

09/17/2009 Frank Vucolo

Is there any chance the book will be available at the Woodworking in America Conference next month?

We are trying - but I don't know for sure yet.
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