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I Could Not Resist

09/08/2009 A Dig at Home Depot

I Could Not Resist 4I'm not a fan of Home Depot - pardon me The Home Depot I don't like their race to the bottom; I don't like the way they strong arm suppliers to move offshore; I don't like that every time I go into the store I'm disappointed. The store is like a cracker jack box - you know when you get home the prize is just a little smaller, and a little not as nice as you thought it was when you found it in the store.

So I am amused to report that the depot's new advertisement - on the side of a vacant store with an arrow made up of a tape measure and and pencil line, pointing to where their store is, like a lot of stuff in the store, just misses the mark. (look closely at the pencil mark and where the tape measure is measuring).

Well - you can't fault them for honesty.

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09/08/2009 Frank V
I share your feelings about HD. But what am I missing here??? I don't see it???
Look at the picture. When you want to measure stuff accurately the tip of the tape measure should touch the tip of the arrow - not just somewhere near it.
09/14/2009 Armin Longoria
Joel, I too am very disappointed with HD. No hardwood to
speak of, and very limited supply of woodworking tools for
woodworkers. The idea that most machines they sell come from
China grinds me.

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