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Photo Blog Images Now Available as Limited Edition Prints


Signing pictures at the lab
Signing pictures at the lab

I am pleased to announce that signed pictures from the photo blog are now available in various sizes. While you can download a fairly decent sized file for free for your own use (including printing your own images), we have been getting requests for actual prints. The difference between a screen saver and a print that you mount on a wall is the outward nature of a display print. We issued our Plane Spotting poster in 2017 and we still get requests for it, even though it is long sold out. The joy of a displayed print is showing our connection to the history of handwork, making our appreciation of craft more universally accessible and understandable.

The prints we are offering are from the original super high resolution digital pictures and are professionally printed by a local digital studio we are working with. Loupe Digital Studio knows how to print. Everything they do is archival (including the pen they gave me to sign the prints). I was really happy to be able to work with them because they typically print for museums and galleries and they understand what a great print is supposed to look like.

I plan to offer all the images in the photo blog as limited prints. This means I won't be able to rest on my laurels and will have to continue to make photographs. It's that challenge that is so exciting to me.

While each photo blog post will have a link to the specific photos in that entry, click here for a link to a new category of Photographic Prints.
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10/01/2022 Ronald Eric Betsch
Are the "highest" resolution images available? I have medium size image from Lost Art Press that prints to 16 x 20 - can you send a link for downloading the higher resolution images? I'd like to add those to my office decor.


All the free downloads are about 5000 pixels across. More than enough for pretty large prints. For larger prints we are only selling signed limited edition prints.
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