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Photo Blog - Bergeron's Manuel Du Tourneur Paris 1742


Plate XXIX
Plate XXIX

Download a hi-res version of the above image here
L. E. Bergeron's "Manuel Du Tourneur," printed in Paris in 1792, is an important book on turning. I was excited when I was able to acquire a copy. I was especially blown away by the hand-colored plates in the back showing woods used in turning. Since this is the photo blog, I would readily admit that the pictures aren't as informational as they could be, but I hope they illustrate the drama of first seeing them unfolded for the first time. Incidentally, if you download the high res images you can read the captions.

The pictures in this blog are in medium resolution. If you like the pictures, feel free to click on the links to download pretty high res versions (for up to about a 14" printed picture) for your own use. The pictures also might make a nice screen saver or the like.

Response to these images has been great! If you have the urge for a larger print of any of the pictures in the photo blog series, the source material I have can be used to print even larger images - up to 36" - than the free download file size. Click here for available prints. Large prints of tools might go really well in an office or business settings. I certainly would find tools are more interesting to look at than yet another picture of a the New York skyline (not that it isn't lovely).

Plate XXVI
Plate XXVI

Download a hi-res version of the above image here
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08/28/2022 Willy from Freeville
I have seen really wonderful hand tinted color plates of fishes (I am an ichthyologist) but it never occurred to me to think about wood species. Very cool.
08/28/2022 Rich Colvin
This book is available in a translated English version from The Society of Ornamental Turners ( I have a set (text in one volume; plates in the other), and it is quite useful!
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