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Beautiful Cabinet Shop Space Available for Rent in Gowanus

02/05/2018 The pictures do not do it justice!

Beautiful Cabinet Shop Space Available for Rent in Gowanus 1
I have written many times about how some landlords want to change the industrial zoning in Brooklyn to something friendlier to luxury housing.

Not all landlords favor this plan. My own landlord is one of them. He has a deep commitment to maintaining the industrial nature of Gowanus and supports this commitment by being a great landlord to his tenants. So when he mentioned to me that he has some vacant industrial space and asked me if I knew anyone who needed space, I was eager to help if I could. (And no, I don't get a commission or anything.)

Here's the deal:

5000 square foot space with a high ceiling. In addition it already has a built in finished mezzanine that from the pictures looks like great office space. It's on the ground floor, so loading and unloading supplies and goods is easy. It's in great shape and would probably need minimal electrical work. The previous occupant, a restoration shop, was there for 16 years. The location is near the F, G, and R subway lines on a fairly quiet block.

Bonus 1: The previous occupant and a nice spray booth that they want to sell. This is huge if you need to do finishing.

Bonus 2: Long lease. My landlord understands that unless you have a long enough lease you can't afford to invest in your own equipment and other stuff. Let's just say more than five years.

Bonus 3: Affordable. A commitment to manufacturing by a landlord doesn't just mean that he is willing to rent to you if you want to pay office rates. My landlord will offer you an affordable lease, understanding full well that everyone has be be able to make a decent living. You will also discover that he is really easy to work with. The lease is simple and there are no tricks anywhere.

Bonus 4: No brokerage fee for anyone, which saves everyone money.

This is awesome space and a rare commodity. If you are in need of shop space, and you want a place to settle down to for the next decade or so, and you really manufacture stuff, this is by far the best space in Brooklyn. And Gowanus is a great place to work, shop, and live. The shop is walking distance to a lot of great residential areas too.

Don't miss the opportunity! It will go fast. See below for more pictures.

Email me with your contact information and phone number and I will be happy to pass it on.

P.S. I understand that this blog entry might be a little unnecessary for those of you who don't live anywhere near Brooklyn or are not professionals needing space. But the single most popular question that gets asked in all Brooklyn wood shops (after "How's business?") is, "Are you going to be able to stay here?"

P.P.S. I am totally aware that I don't normally have blog entries that are basically advertisements, especially for other people, but this is an exception. My landlord supports me and what I do, so I would like to return the favor and support him and what he does. So I am.

Beautiful Cabinet Shop Space Available for Rent in Gowanus 2
Beautiful Cabinet Shop Space Available for Rent in Gowanus 3
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02/05/2018 Brian
I'm all the way out in California, but just wanted to throw my support to these sorts of posts. 1) I love seeing and drooling over this sort of space. 2) Love you using the platform you have to share these opportunities and especially to support a great landlord.
02/05/2018 HCG
Ditto to what Brian said. I'm a CPA in FL so it totally doesn't apply to me either, but I think your landlord sounds great, and you're lucky to have him, so absolutely - create as many win/win situations as you can.
02/05/2018 Ernie
Dittos and kudos. I'm retired in NC but love that the passion to manufacture things still lives in NYC. We have to help each other in this world of virtual contact just as we did in the world of community barn raisings. Also love your museum blogs. That's one of the things I miss by being rather remote from anything except aquariums, beachwear shops, and golf courses.
02/06/2018 Gav
I am just glad to know that not all landlords are scum sucking bottom dwellers like the ones I have had to deal with. Case in point, when I had a potential ceiling collapse due to age and previous fire damage, which we found out later, the only reason it got replaced before it fell on us and our customers was because of the landlords wife! She said in front of us " These are good boys you replace the ceiling" and elbowed her husband in the ribs. Maybe I should be grateful for landlords wives. I think she said something to him in Italian as well but as I don't speak or comprehend Italian I could only get a gist of it from her tone. Stick with your landlord if you have a good un!
02/28/2018 Chris
Man I wish I still lived in NYC (moved last year) - what a great space! Sounds like a great landlord also. Good luck!
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