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I'll Be Teaching Sharpening at Third Ward on June 25th


I'll Be Teaching Sharpening at Third Ward on June 25th 4I'll be teaching a two hour class in sharpening woodworking tools at Third Ward in Brooklyn on June 25th 2009. It's your basic two hour class, we provide all the materials, a chisel to learn on during the class, and hopefully some useful instruction. For the class we will use the PSA lapping film method that is so popular. Lapping film is a great low cost way of getting started, although lots of people continue on with with method forever. I personally use whatever is closest. Everything is a trade-off of speed, mess, cost, and etc. Sharpening is mostly about technique so for the two hours I will give an overview of various sharpening technologies - that is lapping film, oilstones, waterstones, and any other crazy idea I can think of. I will probably throw in some information on the history of sharpening and what people used to use to sharpen. Then I do my step by step demo and talk about technique, and then the entire class will go step by step and sharpen a chisel. I will bring a bunch of chisels that need honing and are all at the same place so we can all work in sequence together. After that, if there is a little time I'll do a grinding demo. Grinding goes lock step with the basic sharpening procedure but it's a different subject. After the class, to get good, you will need to practice.

I think there is a fair amount of value in seeing someone do a live demo and getting hands on practice with someone there to guide what you are doing - so in-person classes always have a lot of value. But if you can't make it to the class a few years ago I did a comprehensive lesson on-line with my mentor Maurice Fraser which is on our site.

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06/09/2009 vincent bruy
Joel, is there online registration available, necessary, and where do I find more detailed information? Thanks, it's nice to see you and woodworking tied-in to the arts explosion in Brooklyn!
I just added the link to register at the bottom of the entry
06/24/2009 Brent Powers
Argh... Cancelled - due to lack of enrollment? Do you run classes anywhere else?
unfortunately yes the class didn't run. We will try again in the fall, this time with a little more notice for everyone.
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