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Horse Butt Strop

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Found in Departments: Arkansas and other Oilstones
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These horse butt strops are made for us by a friend who is a professional bookbinder and knifemaker. He collects old strops and noticed a few years ago that many of his best strops were stamped “Genuine Horse Butt.” He figured if someone went to that much trouble to make a strop out of special leather and stamp it, it must be worth the effort. So, after many hassles, he located a supply of horse butt and cut it into strops.

We were all suitably impressed with the results. Horse butt is the hardest, toughest leather we have ever seen. But it still retains the basic characteristic of a great strop. The best part is that the stuff is so dense, it won't easily groove if you are stropping narrow carving tools. So we decided to offer them for sale. We know the price might seem high, but the leather is expensive, the volume is low, and this is top-notch double-sided vegetable tanned leather. We think it's worth it, especially for carvers.

The material is too thick (3 /32" - 1/8" ) to bend into slips but the edges work great. One side of the strop is smooth - we use it plain - and the other side is a little rougher, which is perfect for holding and catching honing compound.

The strops may show variations in tone or texture since it is a natural product. These variations do not affect performance or durability.

15" long x 3" wide. Made in USA.

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Personal Touch
By: Davis (Apr, 2021)
I bought this as a gift for my mother-in-law. ...Nice that it came monogrammed. Joking aside, great strop.
I own this product.
Insanely Sharp Edges In No Time
By: Sam E. (Oct, 2018)
I was using an old cowhide belt with green rouge as a strop and always found it difficult to bring edges to their sharpest. It was nearly impossible to revive a slightly dulled edge with the old belt; it usually required breaking out the stones to restore the edge. The process was time-consuming and aggravating. I could not be more pleased with the results from using the TFWW strop. The difference in feel between the cowhide belt and the horse butt stop is quite remarkable. The strop is much stiffer and harder than the old belt and I believe that is why it works so well. The cowhide was likely rolling over the edge and dulling as much as it was sharpening. The edges I've gotten from using the strop are insanely sharp and easily maintained with just a little stropping. This is one of those cases where the proper tool will save you more time and trouble than you can imagine.
I own this product.
Like sharpening darkness itself
By: James P (Jun, 2018)
I had heard from people like Shannon Rogers and Matt Cremona just how little they needed to go to their stones once they started stropping. It took a little practice but once you get the relatively simple technique down it makes going to the stones a twice a year thing. I find the bevel and then lift ever so slightly up and then strop. Shannon Rogers has a great video on the technique. Then flip strop over and take the burr off the back of the blade. I once joked to a friend my plane blade was sharp enough to shave with after using this. He doubted me and we made a bet for a donation to a charity of his choice vs a charity of my choice. Ten minutes later my face was clean shaven and my charity had a generous donation.
I own this product.
A similar but nevertheless different use for this strop
By: Jeff Polaski (Mar, 2017)
I bought this but haven't pressed it into service yet. Because of medical issues I had to shave my beard. After a suitable mourning period, I have to plan to shave. Remembering back several decades, a hot shave with a brush and lather was best. Why not use a straight razor? Joel, will this horse butt strop work on a fine hollow ground straight razor? This is not a joke; my manliness is at stake. A quality straight razor can easily run into hundreds of dollars, and my face of course is priceless. Your opinion wold be appreciated, and the experience of anyone in Brooklyn who uses a straight razor would undoubtedly be helpful. I understand there are many people in Brooklyn, and the older the better. If I turn it's use to a straight razor, of course I would have to get anther one for the shop. I am confident that your response would not be skewed by the prospect of yet another sale. As a matter of fact, if my experience is positive, an entirely new customer base might b created. Thank you, Jeff
I own this product.
Pardon my ignorance
By: Jeff Polaski (Sep, 2016)
It looked and sounded so good I bought it. But if I use the flesh side with compound and the smooth side with at most couple drops of oil, how do I store it and use it without contaminating one side with the other. I see it lies on a plank of wood, but that just isn't tidy enough. Has anyone mounted it, wrapped it, or otherwise manged its use and storage in a way that will last for the years it surely must deserve? (I haven't used it enough to rate it, but I expect great results!)
I own this product.
Best Strop I've Found
By: Jeremiah (Jan, 2016)
This is the best strop I've found. I use the back side loaded with chromium oxide (or whatever that green stuff is) for stropping chisels and plane irons. A lot of the leather sold for stropping on the internet has a very inconsistent and/or uneven texture on the back side with harder streaks amongst weak areas that tear out easily. This leather is perfectly consistent with an even texture and has the best durability I've found. An excellent product!
I own this product.
I don't work with wood but...
By: Daniel Park (Mar, 2015)
I'm writing this review before ordering my second one. I've learned my lesson from abusing the first one... Anyway, I'm not a sculptor, I just strop my knives. I'm really glad I found this website because horse butt seems to be the best strop for the money. The size of this strop is actually very generous compared to other strops on the internet in general. As mentioned in the description, using the smooth side without chromium oxide yields great results. My knife has a sticky and toothy edge thanks to this awesome strop.
I own this product.
woodcarver, sculptor
By: crog (Apr, 2014)
This is the best strop I have come across. It is similar to the old leather strop that hangs on my wall. I thought that was the end of those great strops, and few would own them but here it is.
I own this product.

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