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Real Milk Paint Wood Wax

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Real Milk Paint Co.
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  Real Milk Paint Co.
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 Real Milk Paint Wood Wax 4 oz. ($13.99) In Stock
 Real Milk Paint Wood Wax 16 oz. ($36.99) In Stock
We frequently get asked about good finishes for wooden spoons, butcher block and cutting boards because folks want to make sure that the wood not only looks good, but is finished with a food safe product. So we are delighted to have a new recommendation - Real Milk Paint Co's Wood Wax.

Wood Wax is optimized for wood that will be in contact with food. It's VOC-free and devoid of solvents. The all-natural formulation is based on carnauba wax and walnut oil with no petroleum distillates such as mineral oil. It's ideal for porous, wooden surfaces, especially those with food contact. (We recommend other Real Milk Paint Co. finishes for furniture or non-porous surfaces.)

Use it for the initial finish and rejuvenate the finish easily with a simple application with a clean lint-free cloth. Wood Wax is easy to use and dries to a silky, matte finish that enhances the wood grain.

Available in three sizes: 2 oz, 4 oz and 16 oz. The smallest size is perfect for accompanying your gift of a cutting board or spoon. The largest 16 oz size covers 140 ft. and the 4 oz about 35 ft. Made in the USA.

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