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FastCap 2P-10 Adhesive Colorant Kit

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  Glue and Adhesives
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 FastCap 2P-10 Adhesive Colorant Kit ($64.50) In Stock
Get all the benefits of 2P-10 adhesive -- but with custom colors you blend yourself with the highly concentrated colorants in the kit.

So mix up a the perfect shade to match the knot you’re filling; fill the crack on your turning project; or highlight something in your artwork with a dramatic hue. To use, take a tiny amount of one of the 6 concentrated base colors (yellow, brown, red, blue, black and white) or blend them together for your custom color, and mix on the mixing pad. Then add the 2P-10 glue for a newly colored adhesive. Use in conjunction with the 2P-10 Activator as you would regular 2P-10.

After you've filled the cracks and holes, you can sand down as you wish - just like regular 2P10, but now in the color customized for your project.

The Kit includes jars of 6 highly concentrated colors - yellow, brown, red, blue, black and white - and a 2 oz container of 2P-10 Jel, along with a mixing pad (a small stack of Post-Its, so you can dispose of the mess and easily replace the pad) and mixing sticks (you might prefer a toothpick - a little of this color goes a long way) packed in a convenient case.

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