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Kitchen Think: A Guide to Design and Construction, from Refurbishing to Renovation

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Kitchen Think: A Guide to Design and Construction, from Refurbishing to RenovationKitchen Think: A Guide to Design and Construction, from Refurbishing to Renovationcancelleft arrowright arrow
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by Nancy R. Hiller

The latest book from Nancy Hiller is a fun and engaging read that will also encourage you to approach design challenges with more creativity.

Nancy’s books, which include “Making Things Work: Tales from a Cabinetmaker’s Life” and “English Arts & Crafts Furniture,” always have interesting takes on materials and cultural history and “Kitchen Think” is no exception. Nancy traces the concept of kitchen work from its somewhat reviled status (and association primarily with working class women) to its more recent HGTV-endorsed centerpiece of personal expression and wealth. At the same time, working woodworkers have had to rethink their uninterest in kitchen work (“Why would I want to build plywood boxes when I could be building 18th century highboys,” as one of Nancy’s friends asked) to meet clients’ newfound interest. The increased social focus on sustainability dovetails nicely with Nancy’s own longstanding interest in building materials, and “Kitchen Think”reflects these concerns.

Kitchen renovations are chock full of logistical challenges - lack of space; awkward structural elements; fire safety rules; residents who want to keep using their kitchens - and punishing expenses. “Kitchen Think” has beautiful pictures of 24 kitchens to convince you that the outcome justifies the pain, but more importantly, the book inspires you to think -- to understand your taste, your budget, your schedule and your practical restrictions, whether you’re tackling a build-from-scratch, partial renovation or just a delightful extra like a rack for your handmade spoons. The book is filled with clever tips like maximizing the utility of odd spaces and inside corners and also includes a fun peek at items made by hand tool community celebrities like Megan Fitzpatrick’s tiger maple plate rack or Father John Abraham’s MagBlok knife holder.

“Kitchen Think” makes a great gift for design professionals or anyone contemplating a kitchen renovation.

368 pages. Hardcover. 8-1/2” x 11”. Printed in full color on coated, 80# matte paper. Sewn binding covered with a fiber-reinforced tape spine. Produced and printed in the USA.

Pages: 357
Binding: Hard Cover
Publisher: Lost Art Press

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By: Jane Mooney (Nov, 2020)
Comprehensive book for planning and idea work, well written, excellent photographs. I bought sight unseen after hearing about this book and do no regret having a hard copy! I have recommended to everyone I know thinking about kitchen remodel or new building. And I’m not a carpenter! Well writtten. Loads of insights. Even if you just dream about kitchen remodel, this is as much fun as pintrest cruising with no ads! For me it has provided insights I can rely on when my kitchen remodel starts- a detailed primer on how-to combined with mind blowing ideas!
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Kitchen Think
By: Stephen Yoder (Sep, 2020)
I absolutely love this book. Nancy thinks so much like I do that it's such a pleasure to see these thoughts put into words. Making a living by doing woodworking, she knows how to figure out what gives her the most bang for her time while not compromising her ideals and standards. This is a must read for anyone contemplating redoing their own, or someone else's kitchen as well as anyone who's a Nancy groupie like me.
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