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Blackwing Colors - 12 Pencils Assorted Colors

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Blackwing | We Stock the Best Pencils Currently Made
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  Pencils and Markers
Blackwing Colors  - 12 Pencils Assorted ColorsBlackwing Colors  - 12 Pencils Assorted Colorscancelleft arrowright arrow
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For many people colored pencils conjure up visions of young children sitting on the floor with a large piece of paper trying every color from a box of random pencils earned when the parents deciding that the age of swallowing art supplies was over.

Artists, on the other hand, love color pencils for drawing and layout and are very picky about the type, feel, and general character of the ideal color pencil.

Architects and designers also have strong opinions on color pencil. Much valued: apencil with a clear line that won't smudge, will instantly stand out and will boldly communicate on a drawing.

This is why Blackwing's 12 colored pencil assortment is such a wonderful thing to have or to give. Each of the pencils in the set is made using incense cedar and have a distinctive Japanese clay graphite mix for a soft and smooth writing and drawing experience. You will find you are using less pressure to make a line, and you can go faster, with more confidence.

Box of 1 dozen assorted Blackwing color pencils with Japanese core and incense-cedar casing. Pre-sharpened, no eraser. (#103888)
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