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Osmo Double Blade Scraper

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OSMO Hard Waxes and Oil Finishes
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  OSMO Hard Waxes and Oil Finishes
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 270 mm (approximately 11") ($57.99) In Stock
The handheld Double Blade Scraper was developed especially for use with Osmo's Professional line, such as the Polyx Pro Colors, because these products do not have solvent. But the blade scraper can be used with any Osmo finish for the thinnest, most efficient application

Here’s one enthusiast’s explanation of why he loves the Scraper: “There is a wealth of alternate tools from credit cards to bondo spreaders to putty knives. So why spring for something with more moving parts (and what are those extra parts for anyway)?

First, the size is really nice. Big enough to cover great distances easily but not so big that you lose control at the edges of your piece. The corners are lovingly curved to avoid scratching. The real beauty of this blade is that it has some spring to it, so you can lay in a little pressure for spreading a flood coat or really press it for cleaning the surface for final rub out. The secondary blade reinforces the first, which allows the first blade to be a little softer, and so that you will get even pressure and contact across the blade even when you are stretching across a large piece. The two blades working together is really the secret sauce The fewer times you need to pass over a surface to get a final result the better. I've used it to spread hard wax, Osmo Polyx Oil and grain filler, all with comfort, speed and simplicity. I was able to apply the right amount of finish to make the next steps fast and easy.

Then there are the less tangible effects of a high quality tool. The better posture when using it, the care spent keeping it clean, reducing the weak points in your process, knowing that it's ready when you are."

The aluminum scraper is 270 mm (around 11") and fits nicely in the hand. Made in Germany.

To see a video demonstration of the Double Blade Scraper, click on this link:

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