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Tite-Mark Marking Gauges

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Glen-Drake Toolworks
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  Mortise and Marking Gauges
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 Tite-Mark Marking Gauge (7" long) ($129.00) In Stock
 Tite-Mark Long Marking Gauge (9" long) ($139.00) In Stock
 Tite-Mark Deluxe - Gauge (7" long) ($299.00) In Stock
 Tite-Mark Long Deluxe Marking Gauge (9" long) ($309.00) In Stock
 Replacement marking blade ($12.00) In Stock
 Replacement scoring blade ($15.00) In Stock
 Replacement mortise blade ($18.00) In Stock
 Extension arms - 3" and 6" pair ($25.00) In Stock
 Double bevel mortise blade pair - 1/4" ($24.00) In Stock
 Double bevel mortise blade pair - 5/16" ($25.00) In Stock
 Double bevel mortise blade pair - 3/8" ($26.00) In Stock
 Double bevel mortise blade pair - 1/2" ($27.00) In Stock
 Set of all 4 double bevel mortise blades ($99.00) In Stock
Glen-Drake Tools, a California toolmaker, offers an especially sleek wheel gauge with a micro-adjustable head. Fans of wheel gauges love the high-tech design of these marking gauges and the clean, crisp line the knife makes in the wood. The Tite-Mark comes as a complete wheel gauge system with many attractive features:
  • Micro-adjustable head: The micro-adjustable head is the heart of the Tite-Mark. By sliding the fence assembly until the cutter is relatively close to the mark, you can lock the tail and use the micro-adjuster to set the head exactly where you want it.
  • Double locking: The Tite-Mark is designed to be used with one hand. With the tail locked there is no chance that the head will move after you have adjusted it and before you lock it in place.
  • Retractable Blade: A recess in the head allows the blade to be retracted for storage. With the blade retracted, the Tite-Mark will also stand on its head, a nice feature for a crowded bench top.
  • Tool steel blade: Made from tool steel and hardened to Rc 60, the Tite-Mark blade is ground and honed after it is heat treated, so it will be sharp and ready to use right out of the box. The blade can also be quickly re-honed so you can keep on making tight, crisp lines.
  • Stop-slotted rod: The "V" slotted rod keeps the head and tail from moving during adjustment, while providing a consistent and secure bed for the thumbscrews. The screws are faced-off to fit snugly in the slot. The slot is stopped on the tail to keep the fence assembly from accidentally sliding off the rod.
  • Adjustable tension: The slotted nylon set screw on the underside of the head lets you set the resistance you encounter when you move the assembly and micro-adjust the head.
  • Rolling stops: The thumbscrews act as stops to prevent the Tite-Mark from rolling around on your bench while it is set but not in use.
  • Scoring Blade: The special scoring blade is included with the Tite-Mark III or available as an option. With it you can easily set the fence and then rapidly score and cut veneer, leather, or any thin material to specific widths (illustrated above on the Tite-Mark long).
  • Mortising Option: Mortising attachment By locking 2 mortising cutters on the stem, the Tite-Mark turns into a mortise gauge. The mortise cutters are included with the Tite-Mark III or can be added as an option. If you have four mortising cutters, you can mark a double mortise all in one shot.
  • Fixed Mortising Option: Glen-Drake has now introduced double bevel paired mortising cutters where both cutters are on a single fixed pre-set mount. 4 common sizes are available individually or as a set.
  • Rod Extensions: Make your Tite-Mark reach deeper by screwing on one or both extension rods to the base rod.

    There are two basic versions of the Tite-Mark, a regular one with a 7" stem, and a long version with a 9" stem. The regular one is fine for normal use, but you may want to consider the longer version if you want to also use the gauge with its mortising. The "Deluxe" versions of the Tite-Mark include one marking blade, one scoring blade, two single-bevel adjustable mortise blades, a set of fixed-width mortise blades (four sizes), a set of extensions, and an Allen key to form a complete kit. Made in USA.
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