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Cork Sanding Block

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Cork sanding blocks are the traditional backing blocks for hand sanding. Cork is just stiff enough so that it can sand efficiently, but has enough give so that minute imperfections and changes in the wood will get sanded too. This not only makes the sanding go a lot faster, but it also means that the entire piece of sandpaper gets used. This sanding block is made of compressed cork with beveled edges. It's inexpensive and yet one of the most useful sanding blocks available. It can be carved to the shape of various moldings with ease. Recommended by Tage Frid in his book on shaping and finishing. Length of 4 5 /8 ", width of 2 3 /8, and thickness of 1 3 /8 ".
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By: Josh Kirtley (Oct, 2014)
These sanding blocks work great for their intended purpose and I highly recommend them. I also have one on my sharpening bench for sharpening the face of cabinet scrapers. The block puts even pressure on the scraper and prevents cut fingers for no extra charge!
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Cork Sanding Blocks
By: Clark (Jan, 2014)
These cork blocks are super durable. I have been using mine almost every day for a year now and they are still solid. Well worth the price plus shipping.
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