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Hock Replacement Blade for a No. 151 Spokeshave

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Hock Tools | Irons and Cap Irons for Stanley Bench Planes
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  Replacement Parts for Stanley and Other Tools
Hock Replacement Blade for a No. 151 SpokeshaveHock Replacement Blade for a No. 151 Spokeshavecancelleft arrowright arrow
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Code: MS-SP151.XX
 High Carbon Steel Blade ($32.95) In Stock
 A2 Cryogenic Blade ($41.95) In Stock
This spokeshave #151 replacement iron from Hock tools is available in either high carbon steel or the new cryogenically treated A2 steel. The iron is a replacement for the Stanley 151 or the Kunz 151 clone, although you might have to file the mouth of the Kunz a touch wider. The .093 thick blade is considerably thicker then the original Stanley or Kunz irons. The extra thickness really improves performance. For normal use, the high carbon steel blade is easy to sharpen and holds a great edge. For a much longer lasting edge, try the A2 iron (which is slightly harder to sharpen). With these irons you can turn an old spokeshave back into one of your favorite tools again.
Customer Reviews:
JCP Woods&Water
By: Johan C.Pedersen (Mar, 2019)
This is the replacement blade WILL not stay sharp.Twenty passes and very dull my old blades out last this one
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