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Flush Cut Saw

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 Flush Saw ($18.95) In Stock
 Replacement Blade Only - 150mm long x 0.4mm thick blade ($9.95) In Stock
The teeth on almost all saws are bent or "set" slightly out from the body of the saw in order so when you cut something the saw doesn't bind in the cut. This saw from Japan is a flush cutting pull saw which means that it has no set. While an imperfect solution for general sawing this flush cut saw will allow you to cut right up against another surface without scratching it as you would if your saw had set. This is the ultimate tool for cutting dowels, biscuits, Dominos or anything right up against another surface.

The saw cuts on the pulls stroke and is very thin and flexible. This allows you to bend the saw up when you against a larger surface and get clearance for the handle and your hand.

This small, flexible saw will quickly become one of your favorites. As our friend Noah said, "It's my go to saw for projects in the shop or fixes around the house. Small, light, super sharp, affordable, and the blade stays safe in the sleeve so I do have to be super careful with it when I throw it in my backpack. Easily one of my favorite tools."

6" long. Includes a plastic protective case for the saw blade. Made in Japan.

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