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The Belligerent Finisher

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by John Porritt

If you love the warm, worn look of antique furniture - its patina and suggestion of history - this book is for you. Chairmaker and furniture restorer John Porritt, aka the Belligerent Finisher, can help you transform a new piece of furniture, all without damage or fake-looking results.

“Belligerence” to Porritt, means persistently applying a finish, wiping it off, burnishing the piece, possibly heating and even burning the piece, and doing so again and again until you obtain the “the textures, colors and mellow glow that is prized in old work.” Porritt advocates for pantry rummages to gather common household staples like vinegar, tea, and pot scrubbers - along with natural products that you might find the woods, like deer antlers and small stones - that can become very effective tools when used with the self-assertion that earns the “belligerent” name.

Ideally you’ll end up with furniture that doesn’t look repaired or restored: it just looks great. Even if you don’t intend to douse your chair with alcohol and burn it off, Porritt’s bold and imaginative philosophy can up your finishing game.

Lavishly illustrated with color photos that clearly explain the process. Softcover with a heavy, coated card-stock and a binding is both sewn and glued for longevity.

Even though I don’t finish my chairs like John does, the methods he shows in the book have been extremely helpful in improving my own finishes. -Chris Schwarz, Lost Art Press blog

Pages: 96
Binding: Trade Paper
Publisher: Lost ArtPress
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