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Chamfer Router Bits by Whiteside

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Whiteside Router Bits
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Chamfer Router Bits by Whiteside - For Edge Bevel Bits (Not 45°)see "related items" listed at the bottom of the pageChamfer Router Bits by Whiteside - For Edge Bevel Bits (Not 45°)see "related items" listed at the bottom of the pagecancelleft arrowright arrow
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- For Edge Bevel Bits (Not 45°)see "related items" listed at the bottom of the page

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45° Chamfer - 1/4" Shank
Diam.Cut Len.O'AllWS Part
7/16"5/16"1-7/8"#2292* ($28.56) In Stock
5/8"7/16"2"#2302 ($31.54) In Stock
All Use B3 Bearing
*=1" large diam for use in trim routers. B2 Bearing
45° Chamfer - 1/2" Shank
Diam.Cut Len.O'AllWS Part
5/8"7/16"2-1/4"#2305 ($31.54) In Stock
1-1/16"3/4"2-1/2"#2306 ($49.09) In Stock
2 5/8"1-1/2"3"2310 ($92.82) In Stock
All Use B3 Bearing
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Whiteside Chamfer Router Bits cut a 45 degree beveled edge that gives extra durability by resisting chips and dents. All chamfer bits have a replaceable guide bearing that follows curves and arches without trouble. The sharp, carbide tipped cutter flutes leave a smooth edge when used with a hand held router, or chucked up in a router table. We often catch ourselves using the world "chamfer" as a catch-all to describe beveled edges, but a chamfer actually specifies a symmetrically beveled edge, which in the case of a 90 degree corner, requires a 45° cutter.

All bits on this page use a ball bearing guide. Replacement bearings are available.

This page includes only 45° bits, for Edge Bevel router bits with other angles, including laminate trim bits, click on the "Edge Bevel Router Bits" link below in related items.

Edge profiling bits use a pilot or bearing that runs along the workpiece keeping your profile perfectly in line with the edge. They can be used to soften a corner or add decoration. Replacement bearings and bearing sets let you change the effective profile of a bit for a different look, or keep your favorite bit in perfect working order.

Roundover bits, are described by the radius of the roundover they cut. Bits are available for plunge cutting or edge following (with a bearing or pilot). Use an undersized bearing to create a roundover and bead.

Chamfer or Bevel have a pilot or bearing and trim edges at an angle. They are spec'd by the angle of the bevel they cut relative to the surface of the workpiece.

Classic Pattern, Edge Beading, and Table Edge bits are classic profiles that add a decorative trim to the edge of the workpiece. By varying the height of the bit a wide range of effects are possible.

The Classic Multiform bit is one of the most versatile profile bits around. Many distinct profiles are made possible by using different sections of the cutter.

New! From the folks who invented indoor plumbing: The Ogee. With such a recognizable concave-convex profile do we even need to say... “When in Rome!!”

Cove bits create a hollow recess along the edge. They are spec'd by the radius of the cove they cut.

Raised Panel and Stile and Rail Sets are included with our cabinetry bits.

For over 30 years Whiteside Machine Company has manufactured best quality router-bits and we are proud to offer an exceptionally wide selection of their catalog. Combine them with your Festool router, or router table and you have a professional quality solution not only for shaping, but for joinery, grooving, copying templates, and even making the kid a custom set of wooden train tracks.

Flag waving aside, the real reason to purchase a Whiteside router-bit is because the hands down top quality of their product. Their router bits feature innovations such as concave ground cutting edges, who's sole purpose is to improve product quality, not simplify a production process, or shave a few cents per bit in manufacturing cost. Whiteside is a company who would rather build their own proprietary machinery, than settle for what's available, and with over 200 years of collective experience in their grinding room alone, they have the chops to pull it off. What that means for your woodworking is not having to worry about endlessly sanding out machine marks. It means not having to worry that a pre-maturely dull bit will tear out the grain. It means you can push your bit through the wood with the confidence of knowing that the folks who made your router bit cared as much about their product, as you care about yours.

Whiteside Machine is a family owned and operated business based in Claremont, North Carolina.

Fine Wood Working had this to say about Whiteside in their May June 2007 Router-bit review: "At the end of the day, the Whiteside and the Eagle bits had risen to the top of the mix, tying for the highest score. Lee Valley had the second-highest score, followed by Southeast and Woodtek in a tie for third. By the way, Whiteside also had the best bit when we reviewed straight bits in our August 1999 issue (FWW #137). We named the Eagle and Whiteside bits best overall. And, since the Whiteside had one of the lowest prices of the top bits, we also named it best value."

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