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Deluxe Dozuki Saw with 240mm Replaceable Blade

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Deluxe Dozuki Saw with 240mm Replaceable BladeDeluxe Dozuki Saw with 240mm Replaceable Bladecancelleft arrowright arrow
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 Dozuki Saw and Handle ($49.95) Sold Out
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 Replaceable Blade for Dozuki Saw ($29.95) Sold Out
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This deluxe dozuki saw is ideal for dovetailing and fine joinery. It�s just like the deluxe dozuki saw above, only with a replaceable blade. Replaceable blades in general are harder, which means that they cannot be filed and the teeth may be a little more brittle. However they also stay sharp a little longer than saws meant to be sharpened. Blade is 240 mm long x .3 mm thick with 28 tpi. Made in Japan.
Customer Reviews:
Nice saw
By: Nick Axelberg (Dec, 2014)
This saw certainly does the job. However, do note that the hardened teeth are both a blessing and a curse. They perform quite well in their cutting ability, but I've managed to break most of them off already and am ordering my first replacement blade after what seems to me to be not a whole lot of use (however, I am making cuts in extremely hard wood (snakewood, tulip wood, lignum vitae, ebony, etc)).
I own this product.
Best saw I own
By: Drew Lynford (Oct, 2014)
I use this saw everyday, and its the first one I grab in the shop. The pull stroke has great control and leaves a beautifully crisp kerf line. Sawing by hand is now really enjoyable.
I own this product.

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