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Fuller Plug Cutters - Made in USA

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  W. L. Fuller Drill Bits - Made In USA
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The best way of covering screw holes in furniture is to counterbore the screw holes about 1/4" under the surface of the wood and then plug the hole with a wooden plug. The reason for cutting your own plugs is that you can select wood that matches and then glue up with the grain aligned so that the plug will almost disappear. Or you can use a contrasting wood, or plug with end-grain - whatever suits the design and made the plugs stand out. A trick when cutting a row of plugs in a drill press is to cover the plugs with a strip of tape. Then cut the plugs free using a bandsaw. The tape will keep them from popping out all over the floor. Or you can split them out from the stock as you need them. Designed for clean cutting and hardened for long life, these plug cutters cut fast and make a smooth chamfered plug for easy starting in counterbored hole. Use with a drill press for safety.

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