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Scorp by Ray Iles

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Ray Iles | Exclusive Importers in the USA
Found in Departments: Bowl Carving
  Spokeshaves and Drawknives
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Scorps also go by a lot of different names: scorpers, cooper�s round shaves, croom irons, two handed round shaves, and inshaves, to list just a few. Historically, barrel makers used them for leveling the joints inside a cask, but these days their most popular use is by chair makers for dishing out seats and by bowl makers for hollowing bowls and troughs. A sharp scorp will make fast work of any hollowing work. This particular one by Ray Iles is solidly made in the old tradition. The air dried English beech handles are finished in linseed oil, just like the old tools. The high carbon steel will take a keen edge and is easily sharpened. The scorp comes ground, but needs a final honing for best performance. Approximately 4" in diameter. This is a heavy tool designed for real work. Made in England.
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SCOPE review
By: Greg Stevens (Oct, 2023)
Purchased and just received the SCORP - well made and nice to hold - on my end the SCORP has just the right angle. Received sharp - but used the Tormek to hone the external edge and ceramic file for interior edge - now razor sharp with very little effort. Nice tool and well worth the purchase
I own this product.
100 % 100 years
By: Jay Hampel (Feb, 2022)
I am 100% certain 100 years ago this level of quality could be had from several makers. However, this high of quality steel, well crafted, easy to get shaving-razor sharp, and sure to outlive me,all at a good price from an HONEST RETAILER. Not at all common today - none of it. You will not regret making this purchase.
I own this product.
By: Jim White (Mar, 2015)
I'm pleased over-all with the scorp, but sense that the near 90 degree angle is too acute. Can the angle near the handle be heated , then bent to a more obtuse angle without doing harm to the tool?
By: Mike Aikens (Mar, 2013)
This tool came well sharpened but just a little work on the hone has it razor sharp. Good quality & price.

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