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Walnut Handled Layout Knife

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Joseph Marples Ltd. Measuring Tools
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  Marking Knives and Awls
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This inexpensive and very elegant, right-handed layout knife by Joseph Marples is great for laying out your work. The knife is 6 1/4" long, 3/4", with an easy to grip 4" walnut handle. Made in Sheffield, England.
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A perfectly fine little knife
By: Charles Stanford (May, 2022)
These knives are for making fine incisions on furniture hardwoods. It is not to be used like a Stanley knife on construction lumber. Anybody who expects a marking knife to make a deep trough in a pass or two has a fundamental misunderstanding of marking wood for fine furnituremaking. I've owned one for years and am about to buy another as I've sharpened it down until it's almost too short to use conveniently. Anybody who works slightly heavy handed can simply increase the honing angle of the knife a little. The tip does not 'bend,' not even close to it if used correctly.
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Didn't work for me
By: Justin (Apr, 2022)
Ended up tossing this layout knife after the tip kept bending within a few cuts across the grain on yellow pine. Not sure what caused the issue but didn't feel worth the hassle.
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