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Drawknives by Ray Iles

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Ray Iles | Exclusive Importers in the USA
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  Spokeshaves and Drawknives
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Gent's - 6" bladeGent's - 6" bladecancel Gent's - 6" blade ($115.95) In Stock
Small - 6" bladeSmall - 6" bladecancelSmall - 6" blade ($80.45) Not available
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Large - 8" bladeLarge - 8" bladecancel Large - 8" blade ($88.45) In Stock
Drawknives are a great way to get rid of a lot of material quickly. If you do a lot of curved work in solid wood, you probably use a drawknife for speed all the time. Among chair makers, it's the tool of choice for rapidly making spindles, stretchers, and all the long straight parts of a chair.
These drawknives are made of traditional carbon steel for the sharpest, easiest to maintain edge. The handles of the two regular drawknives are of air dried English beech, finished in linseed oil for long wear and a good grip. The "Gents" drawknife in the foreground has sculpted handles which are splayed out more than the regular drawknives.
Ground sharp but final honing is required for the best edge. Made in England.
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gent's draw knife
By: bill stamant (Nov, 2020)
The gent's drawknife is a solid bevel up drawknife suited for straight work or gradual curves. It is particularly good at knocking off corners to make octagonal shapes. The 6" width and handle angle favor elbows-in when pulling on a shave-horse. The smaller handles promote a grip with the index fingers curling around the front of the blade. The finish on the tool is great as expected with a dead-flat back. The tool less suited to sneaking into curves. I am debating whether to hollow ground the back and ease the front edge. Note that using it bevel-down requires hand position well under the work-piece to get a good bite into the work. I give it four stars only because it won't be the only draw knife that you own.
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