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Honest Labour: The Charles H. Hayward Years

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Honest Labour: The Charles H. Hayward YearsHonest Labour: The Charles H. Hayward Yearscancelleft arrowright arrow
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Honest Labour is the fifth and final volume in Lost Art Press’ Charles Hayward series, and at a robust 474 pages, it’s also the largest.

Interestingly enough, when Lost Arts Press began this reissuance of Hayward’s classic work at The Woodworker magazine, LAP contemplated just four books that covered handwork (tools, techniques, joinery, and the workshop and furniture plans). But the magazine also included a column called “Chips from the Chisel” that are right up LAP’s alley - philosophical musings about the place of woodworking in society, observations about nature, etc. The column was unsigned, but as LAP describes it, “For years we heard rumors that the unsigned column was written by a clerk or assistant at the magazine, but we don’t believe that for a second. After reading Hayward’s writing on woodworking, we know his prose.”

Honest Labour consists of the best “Chips From the Chisel” columns and is organized by year of publication accompanied by an introduction that lists the major news events of that year to provide historical context. The column is accompanied by line drawings from the same year of publication, mostly made by Hayward himself.

The book provides more Hayward for readers who have already enjoyed his other books, and for readers who enjoy dipping into the insights of traditional magazines.

Hardcover and printed in the usual high-quality Lost Arts manner that will enable you to treasure the book for generations. 474 pages. 8 1/2" x 11". Printed in the USA.

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