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Fret Saw Blades - Extra Fine - Metal Cutting

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Fret Saw Blades - Extra Fine - Metal CuttingFret Saw Blades - Extra Fine - Metal Cuttingcancelleft arrowright arrow
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 2/0 (56 tpi) per Dozen ($4.95) In Stock
 4/0 (66 tpi) per Dozen ($4.95) In Stock
Olson's 2/0, 4/0 and 8/0 metal blades are excellent for shaping exotic inlay materials. If you're just beginning to use exotic materials or metal for inlay, the 2/0 is a great blade to begin with. It's widely recognized as the most versatile all-around saw blade for cutting metal and other precious materials. The 2/0's .010" thickness is more forgiving to novices and durable enough to handle the demanding workload of a cabinetmaker's shop. The 4/0's .009" thick blade enables you to cut tighter lines than the 2/0, with less waste. The 8/0 is used for extremely fine detail work in exotic materials. The 8/0's .006" blade can cut ultra tight lines with little to no visible tear out. Note: this delicate blade is recommended only for experienced cabinetmakers who are well versed in cutting marquetry, Buolle work and inlay.
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Nice Post
By: Yash Patel (Oct, 2015)
Nice information! Cleared my thoughts on Fret Saw Blades
2/0 &4/0 fret saw blades
By: Ron Rutkofske (Jul, 2015)
The blades work great for marquetry projects. I would like to get the 8/0 blades for my very thin and expensive veneers. I have not seen a listing on the website so I may have to call to obtain them. Do not drop them, they are to find then you have to pick them up. Have a magnet handy. Happy sawing.
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