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Fret Saws

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 Fully adjustable saw with 3" deep throat ($24.95) In Stock
 Fully adjustable saw with 5" deep throat ($26.95) In Stock
 Deep throat saw. ($21.95) In Stock
Olson's adjustable 3" and 5" deep fret saws are ideal for working with small inlay pieces.

The small size of the three-incher makes it our easiest frame saw to use - more rigid, with a blade that's closer to you, for more control. The 5" adjustable saw is what we recommend to the cabinetmaker who occasionally does marquetry or inlay work. It gives you a wide range of adjustment, solid rigidity and great control. In a pinch, both of these saws can be used in conjunction with our Olson metal cutting blades for cutting Boulle work, mother of pearl, precious stones and other exotic materials.

Olson's deep fret saw is essential for any woodworker or cabinetmaker doing serious marquetry. The saws 12 1/4" deep frame makes it perfect for cutting large pieces of veneer for panels. The wire frame construction provides excellent rigidity and superior blade tensioning characteristics, and the handle neatly folds into the mouth of the saw to minimize storage space.

Fret saw blades are sold separately. (The one that comes with the saw may not survive its journey to you and anyway you'll need more than just the one.) All blades are listed below.
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