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Double-Sided Shinto Saw Rasp

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The Shinto Saw Rasp is a double-sided rasp that features both coarse and fine sides. The rasp is made of 10 riveted double-sided hacksaw blades that cut away to shape your material. The blades are toothed on both edges, one side fine and the other course. The coarse side (10 tpi) will remove large amounts of material quickly and the finer side (24 tpi) will leave a smoother surface. You will probably make greater use of the coarse side, which is where this rasp excels.

Use the rasp for any shaping work - guitar and violin making, handles for axes and the like, bowl and spoon carving, roughing work on carvings, etc. - on a variety of materials, including wood, veneer, ferrous and non-ferrous metals, laminates, soft plastics, and more. And enjoy the convenience of two rasps in one. You can also experiment with the pull and push cuts to give you varying levels of material removal.

Size: 9 1/2" inches. Made in Japan.
There’s no denying the Shinto saw rasp has become a firm favourite among workers in numerous woodworking fields. Many professional cabinetmakers, luthiers and boat-builders seem to have one close at hand, and they should know… I’m coming to appreciate what all the fuss is about: this hand-tool removes wood like no other. - Robin Gates, Quercus 18

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