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Pegas Coping Saw Blades

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 Skip Tooth 18 TPI - 1 Dozen (0.02" x 0.094") ($5.95) In Stock
 10 TPI - 1 Dozen (0.02" x 0.118") ($5.95) In Stock
A coping saw is used for cutting curves in wood. But the saw is only as good as its blades. These blades by Pégas are manufactured in Switzerland of high quality carbon steel. Many consider them the finest coping saw blades currently made.

We first heard about these blades from a blog entry by Christopher Schwarz of the Lost Art Press. He prefers these blades to our other blades because the Pégas blades have less set. Less set is an advantage in cutting dovetail waste, but we think that depending on application all the blades we stock work well.

We are stocking two Pégas 6 1/2" blades, both of which will fit into any standard coping saw with pinned blades. The 10tpi blade is fairly coarse and great for thicker stock. The 18tpi skip tooth blade is thinner and narrower, great for thinner material and cutting the waste when dovetailing. Sold in packs of one dozen.

Made in Switzerland.
Customer Reviews:
The pins on the Pegas blades do not fall out.
By: Karl Fife (Sep, 2014)
Both the Pegas blades (here) and TFWW blades are unbelievably good in my observation--a quantum leap from other blades, even go-to blades from the likes of Lee-Valley. While similar in performance, I prefer the Pegas blades. Why? It has been my experience that the TFWW blades, combined with a higher-tension saw (like the Knew Concepts saw) results in the PINS falling out when the tension is released. No doubt this is due to slight metal deformation under tension, effectively stretching the hole into which the pins have been press-fit. I canât exactly âfaultâ the TFWW blade for being unable to handle a âproperly tensionedâ coping saw. Consider that until very recently, such a saw didn't exist. Lee Marshall from Knew Concepts fits his saw from the factory with this very Pegas blade. Specifically, the Skip-tooth 18TPI (0.02" x 0.094") blade. According to Lee, it was chosen deliberately, after considerable analysis (just like the other design elements of his saws). To be sure, the Knew Concepts saw is a an outlier in a world of half-assed coping saws, but its an obvious, overdue, much needed outlier... and Pegas is that outlier's blade.
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