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Universal Bar Clamps

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 24" long - Pair ($68.95) In Stock
 24" long - Box of 5 Pairs ($327.51) In Stock
 36" long - Pair ($74.95) In Stock
 36" long - Box of 5 Pairs ($356.01) In Stock
48" long - Pair ($83.95) Not available
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48" long - Box of 5 Pairs ($398.76) Not available
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 60" long - Pair ($91.95) In Stock
 60" long - Box of 5 Pairs ($436.76) In Stock
72" long - Pair ($96.95) Not available
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72" long - Box of 5 Pairs ($460.51) Not available
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 Miter attachment. ($11.95) In Stock
When I bought my first bar clamps, about thirty years ago, I got aluminum bar clamps, made in USA by the Dubuque Clamp Works. Since they were made of aluminum, the clamps were lightweight and could be lifted, held over, and aligned on a glue-up by a single person working alone - something that would scarcely be possible with heavy steel clamps. I have a few old, long Record clamps, and a few pipe clamps too, but the weight of those clamps means two people are needed or there is risk of dinging the work. At the shop where I used to do work, folks would always borrow my clamps because then they could work by themselves.

So it came as no surprise to me a few years ago when Fine Woodworking gave these clamps the nod as their favorites. Here are some great reasons why:
  • They're made of extruded and injection-molded aluminum alloys for strength with light weight.
  • Their screws have 1/2" Acme thread for durability and long life.
  • The screws have butterfly handles for easy one-hand operation.
  • They won't stain wood, since wood glues won't react with aluminum.
  • The moveable pad has a spring action that can lock in any of the punched slots that run the length of the bar.
  • The clamp will sit upright, so that work can be placed on the clamp.
  • The clamps are still made in the USA, and the current models are even stronger than what I bought many years ago.
  • The listed size is the maximum length of the clamped items. The overall size of the clamps are slightly larger.

We stock the full range of clamps, and you save when you purchase a lot of them. Since the clamps are lightweight, shipping costs aren't outrageous. We mostly recommend getting a few 36" long clamps for typical work, and a few really long longs for carcasses and such. But you will have a better idea of what kind of work you do and your requirements. In general, the shorter clamps are easier to manipulate, and the longer ones are the only things that work for wide glue-ups.

We also stock the miter attachment which is used for clamping miters - it's shown attached to the 24" clamp in the foreground.

Made in USA.

Please be advised that because shippers charge us an "oversize" surcharge for the clamps, we cannot ship back orders. If your full order is not available, we will contact you to see whether you prefer to wait until we can ship your complete or whether you prefer to remove the back order.

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These are great, simple, lightweight clamps
By: Willy from Freeville (Apr, 2024)
I like these clamps so much that I am ordering more! They are lightweight, easy to use, and reliable.
I own this product.
High Quality Product
By: Fred Skelly (Oct, 2023)
I’ve owned a set of these for 3 years now. They are among my favorite tools and are certainly my favorite clamps. They are rigid - I’ve experienced no flexing.. They hold a consistent tension during clamping and they are easy to use (and clean). They were well worth the money.
I own this product.
USA Made Aluminum Clamps
By: Scott (Sep, 2023)
I bought my first pair of 60" long Dubuque clamps back in the early 1990s, I have a couple 24" & 48" long These clamps will last longer than Me. Iam 63yrs old legally blind and still building furniture & now guitars. I need a few Cam clamps I hope these are as bullet proof as the aluminum clamps. God Bless America
I own this product.I am the manufacturer of this product.
Wonderful clamps made in USA
By: Willy Bemis (Feb, 2022)
After reading several reviews, I finally decided to purchase four 24" clamps for a current project. Having use 3/4" pipe clamps for 50 years, I am so glad that I finally found these wonderful lightweight aluminum clamps made in the USA. I used my new clamps side by side with a couple of pipe clamps, and there really is no comparison: the aluminum clamps were far superior for this particular application (gluing up the legs and rails for an end table). I am back to buy some more!
I own this product.
Try Educator
By: John P (Feb, 2022)
Bought my first Univ clamps a few years ago and have truly enjoyed them. Even recommended them to my friends. I'll still be ordering more to add to my workshop.
Great upgrade clamps
By: Marty (Jan, 2022)
I bought my first set of these clamps a few years ago and have been slowly upgrading my much cheaper HF clamps ever since. There just aren't any better clamps of this style anywhere.
I own this product.
By: donald obrien (Jun, 2021)
The best clamps on the market
By: David S (May, 2021)
I started on my woodworking jounery with a few HF clamps that did the job, but were flimsy and kept falling apart. I recently visited my folks and in thier woodworking shop they had a collection of amazing, lightweight, sturdy clamps. I asked where they got them and they said "from the maker of the clamps, of course!" Little did I know Dubuque Clamps Works was just 20 minutes from my parents residence and they were friends! I visited the clamp manufacturers shop, who are great Americans, and was given a tour. An amazing place, everything is 100% made in the shop, and works extremely well for all clamping needs. I increase my clamp collection with every visit! You will not be let down by the quality and craftsmanship of each clamp they make.
I own this product.
By: ColinJenkins (Aug, 2020)
I have had a pair of the 4ft clamps for as long as I remember, and they are by some margin, my favourites to use. Easy to handle with one hand and beautifully engineered! They are so easy to adjust quickly and the screw works with one finger. I would dearly love to own more, but cannot remember where I bought them and cannot find a distributor here in the uk. I can’t recommend them highly enough,! Good woodworking!
I own this product.
10 - 60” Bar Clamps 25 years and still going strong
By: Greg Londos (May, 2020)
I have had 5 sets of the 60” Dubuque Universal Aluminum Bar Clamps in service in my shop now for 25 plus years and they still work like New. Glue squeeze out cleans up easily with warm water. I could not be happier. In fact I am looking to get more of the shorter sizes right now. I saw the chance to leave a review so here it is. Greg
I own this product.
Favorite clamps
By: John White (Jul, 2019)
I know it's cliché to say but I just wish someone had turned me on to these clamps years ago when I first started woodworking. I have at least some of most other types of clamps hanging on my shop wall - pipe clamps, F-style , K-body, steel bar clamps and quick acting bar clamps. If I could, I'd trade All of them for these in a heartbeat! To me the most important and telling point is which clamp do I reach for first and most often? I can say unquestionably these are my favorites. Their combination of light weight (and the resultant control it allows - especially when working alone or when clamping in awkward positions), smoothness, rigidity and overall feeling of quality are obvious the first time you pick one up. If you're shopping for clamps do yourself a favor and try a pair. I believe you'll be just as happy with them as I am. American made and Highly Recommended!
I own this product.
It Clamps, Alright
By: Barrett (Jun, 2019)
Every piece is sturdy and solid. Every moving piece moves smoothly.
I own this product.
The best American clamp
By: Mariusz Nowicki (Apr, 2019)
After somebody gave me one 36" Universal clamp, I bought four 72" clamps, and can't wait to buy more. Simply best clamps.
I own this product.
The Perfect Clamp
By: Kent HANSEN (Oct, 2018)
I first bought these four or five years ago and have used them almost exclusively since I received them. They are as near to perfect as I can imagine.
I own this product.
Very handy clamps
By: Ron (Apr, 2018)
just got through gluing up sides for a hope chest made of oak. Third one glued up with these clamps instead of I beam clamps. These lightweight very easy to handle clamps are fantastic. I still have my pipe clamps, I beam clamps, etc and am using some since I don't have enough Universal bar clamps. Only have 2 of each size, definitely will be ordering more that are 24", probably 3 more sets. So much nicer to use than pipe clamps, no more staining the wood, using wood blocks, fighting with the pads on pipe clamps etc. not to mention so light weight that I now glue up multiple panels at a time. Instead of gluing up one panel at a time on the workbench. I enjoy my time in the shop and when it becomes work I stay away, these clamps make it so much easier in the shop I wish I would have bought them in the 80's instead of all the other clamps I bought then.
I own this product.
By: maximus Fernando (Mar, 2018)
excellent clamps for any woodworker, light and easy to handle, cannot have enough of them
I own this product.
The best clamps I own
By: Aaron (Oct, 2017)
I purchased 4 of the 48" clamps for woodworking, and they are by far the best clamps I have. I use them even on small glue-ups, as they have the best form factor for single-person use. Clamping pressure is excellent, and I seldom have to use much force to turn the handles for a great deal of pressure. They can and will dent your hardwood project if you tighten them too much, so be wise and don't use more pressure than you need. These clamps deliver, time and time again. They came pre-greased for me, which is one of the "little things" that make American manufacturers #1 in my book. Thank you for a great product!
I own this product.
By: Mike (Nov, 2016)
I am telling anyone who will listen about these clamps. I own all the big brands - Jorgenson, Bessey, Jet and they are all getting put in storage now that I bought a bunch of these aluminum clamps. Don't fear - they have more than enough clamping pressure. If you start the flex these clamps, then maybe you joinery isn't very good :) They can be used one-handed and are much safer to use around parts that are ready for finish, because you are less likely to ding your work.
I own this product.
By: Joe erthal (Sep, 2016)
I purchased 6 pairs of these to take advantage of the 10% discount and their quality is excellent. First off, they are one of the only ones made in America unlike the other big brand names and cheap a$$ alternatives sold at Lowes and Home Depot which are even more money... These aren't flimsy or cheap looking and you can tell the quality just by looking at them. I did have 1-2 rivets pop out (it's not a true rivet but not sure the name) which hold the screw mechanism in place but I simply put them back in and pounded them with a hammer to rivet them in place.
I own this product.
Best doggone bar clamp
By: Terrence Walsh (Mar, 2015)
I recently bought a pair of 36" Universal Bar Clamps. Last week I did one of those glue-ups where you use EVERY clamp you have. Well the spring clamps were not players, but EVERY other clamp got used. Great fun when that happens! So there were small and large bar clamps, quick-acting, ratcheting, pipe, etc. Brands included Bessey, Jorgensen, Irwin, and some unlabeled mystery clamps. Every clamp did its job--no shirkers in the bunch. But the most pleasant thing was using these new aluminum Universal Bar Clamps. The adjustable stops moved easily and held perfectly. The screw end was the easiest to turn of all clamps used. The clamping footprint of the rectangular jaw was nicely spread--two to three times the area of the clamps with round jaws. The other bar clamps left light surface marks. By contrast, the Universal Bar Clamps left no marks at all, even though I tightened them vigorously. Their lightness made them much easier to use than the pipe clamps. There are many great things to say about pipe clamps but they have their problems--like when stood on end and they fall over. Ouch! So it was a delight to use these "lightweight" clamps. By comparison with the other clamps they weighed much less for the same length. Their performance was clearly heavyweight. Interesting that they are made in North America (USA), unlike many other clamps. I'll be adding a few more of these clamps to my tool shed soon.
I own this product.

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