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Gramercy Tools Rasp Handle

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Gramercy Tools | Our Own Brand
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  Rasps and Files
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We have been selling our own brand of rasps for years with a US made ash handle of our own design. Well, not really our own design. We designed it but it is influenced by all the various designs of handles that have gone before it. Unlike some other handles, like the Skroo-zon which we know and love and stock, these handles are a little thinner, a little longer, and are designed to put the control in your fingers, not just give you a good support in your palm.

About 5" long (including the ferrule), just under 1" max diameter, Hole size: 3/16", hole depth: 1 3/4". With a solid brass ferrule, Ash, Made in USA.
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Great value for some pretty decent handles!
By: Kylie (Apr, 2022)
For smaller and medium files and rasps that you don't want a death grip on, they're a fantastic value for a solid handle with a little bit of class! They're comparable in diameter to my small and medium Auriou rasp handles. I wish they came in a more fun species (or variety, say cherry, oak, walnut, maple) -- as far as improvement/comfort, they'd be fit a little better in the palm if the end was a ball instead of a quick transition to a flat spot (easy to fix yourself anyway).
I own this product.
Handles are unconfortable
By: Allen Long (Sep, 2019)
While I didn't buy the handle by itself, they appear to be just like the one that came with my Gramercy rasp. Love the rasp, despise the handle. Too thin and elongated. Very uncomfortable. I replaced the handle with one I turned in the shop. I wish you could buy the rasps without handles. Not a problem with Auriou rasps. The Gramercy modellers rasps are a good enough value they are worth buying and replacing the handles. However, I would never buy just the handle by itself.
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These handles are too thin
By: Paul (Feb, 2019)
I do not have large hands, but I find these handles to be uncomfortably thin. Because they don't fill the palm, an overly-tight grip is required. That leads to discomfort and cramping after more than a few minutes of rasp work. It's a disappointing feature of an otherwise excellent tool.
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Handles too thin
By: Jarred (Jul, 2018)
I just purchased 2 Grammercy Rasps in 10" sizes. The handles are far too thin, and require an overly tight grip, leading to hand fatigue. I have two 12" Auriou rasps, and find those handle to be much more comfortable.
I own this product.
Handles hurt my hands
By: Richard (May, 2017)
I own 3 grammery rasps and use them frequently for shaping. My hands (size 9) are not big and even so I find that I have to grasp the handles hard to use them one handed, thus hurting my wrists---they are not fat enough in my opinion. If I use a light grip with two hands by hold the tip of the raps with one and the handle with the other it works better for me. Bottom line is I am looking to get better handles.
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