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Dovetail Gauge and Mini Square by Gramercy Tools

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Gramercy Tools | Our Own Brand
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Dovetail Gauge and Mini Square by Gramercy ToolsDovetail Gauge and Mini Square by Gramercy Toolscancelleft arrowright arrow
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Brass softwood 1:5 alt="Brass softwood 1:5"cancel Brass softwood 1:5 ($42.95) In Stock
Brass hardwood 1:8 alt="Brass hardwood 1:8"cancel Brass hardwood 1:8 ($42.95) In Stock
GT-DG.XX Dovetail Gauge Dovetail Guide Dovetail Marker
A dovetail gauge is a very useful tool for laying out and marking the angle for dovetails. This function alone justifies its existence to many woodworkers. When we set out to make our own Gramercy Tools dovetail gauge, we wanted to improve upon older designs of this tool with a dovetail gauge that was easier to use and more functional.

The most exciting innovation was adding an exceptionally useful mini square to the package: not added as an after-thought, but as an equally convenient measuring tool. You may need a dovetail gauge quite a bit while dovetailing, but the mini square comes in handy all the time.

The Dovetail Gauge and Mini Square is available in brass. You have a choice of angles - 1:8, the dovetail angle traditionally used for hardwoods, or 1:5 angle, the angle traditionally used for softwoods. Either angle choice gives you a clearly engraved guide on both sides of the gauge. The other edge of the gauge is a perfect square that you'll be very glad to have on hand again and again.

The small square fits easily in the hand and can be positioned right where you need it, so that you can mark from a comfortable position. The reference fence is recessed from each edge, so that when you are scribing, you will have clearance for your knife and the gauge won’t get in the way. The fence is also slightly undercut, so small bits of dust won’t throw off the accuracy.

This is not just a great gauge for marking dovetails, it’s a great little square for marking any square line, including the shoulder lines of a dovetail or mortise.

Since the gauge is flat and low-profile, it will fit easily and comfortably in a pocket for ready accessibility.

1 1/2” x 17/8” x 3/8” overall. Blade depth: 1 x 9/16"

Made in Brooklyn, New York.

Packed in a small box.
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Simply perfect
By: Kyle Fulmer (Nov, 2020)
Beautifully made and the highest of quality.
I own this product.
1:7 please
By: Tim (Nov, 2019)
These look like amazing saddle squares. If you make a 1:7 I'll buy it in a heartbeat (stainless or brass) I love all your tools. I don't know what I'd do without my veneer saw

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