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FESTOOL Clamps for Guide Rails

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Screw Clamps 120mm 2x, FS (#489570) alt="Screw Clamps 120mm 2x, FS (#489570)"cancel Screw Clamps 120mm 2x, FS (#489570) ($50.00) In Stock
Screw Clamps 300mm 2x, FS (#489571) alt="Screw Clamps 300mm 2x, FS (#489571)"cancel Screw Clamps 300mm 2x, FS (#489571) ($65.00) In Stock
Quick clamp 1x, MFT, FS (#491594) alt="Quick clamp 1x, MFT, FS (#491594)"cancel Quick clamp 1x, MFT, FS (#491594) ($48.00) In Stock
FS-Rapid clamp 1x, MFT (#489790) alt="FS-Rapid clamp 1x, MFT (#489790)"cancel FS-Rapid clamp 1x, MFT (#489790) ($65.00) In Stock
FS-GP.XX Festool guide rail Festool track guide rail clamps festool clamps
Festool rail clamps work with the Guide Rail tracks and enable you to work with precision and ease, whether you're cutting, sanding or routing. The clamps let you work quickly and hold your workpiece securely so you can focus on getting the job done.

The Rapid Clamp (#487790) has a fast acting trigger for quick and one-handed setup. Designed for rapid positioning and clamping of Festool FS guide rails to all types of sheet good material. It mounts via the T-slot and clamps material on edge. (1 piece)

The Quick Clamp (#491594) has a ratcheting mechanism with quick release. It mounts via the T-slot and is also Ideal for the MFT/3. (1 piece)

The Screw Clamp has a traditional clamp design with T-style head for use in the T slot of the guide rails. It’s available in 2 sizes: 489570 for clamping thickness of 120 mm and 489571 for clamping thicknesses of 300 mm (2 pieces )

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