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Brusso Brass Feet for Small Projects

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 BrassStainless Steel Installation Templates
MC-444 - 1/2" diam x 15/16" installed height
- drill 3/8" x 7/32" deep.
  ($15.50) In Stock  ($29.81) In Stock 
JBS-426 - Stainless - 3/4" diam. x 9/16" installed height
- drill 1/2" hole x 5/16" deep.
   ($56.69) In Stock 
JBS-423 - Stainless - 1/2" diam x 3/8" installed height
- drill 5/16" hole x 1/4" deep.
   ($25.47) In Stock 
HDS-702 - Stainless - 7/8" square x 1/4" when surface mounted. Screws included.
   ($47.13) In Stock
Small projects such as jewelry boxes can get an elegant, decorative boost from these smart little feet. The feet are really easy to install. Each foot has a stub that gets glued into the project. Drill a hole the same size as the stub, put some glue on the stub and glue in the foot. Once the glue sets, the feet become permanent and stay put (so it's a good idea to glue in the feet at the last minute, when you've finished all your other last minute modifications to your work.) The glue doesn't actually stick to the metal - it gets caught in the grooves around the foot and will keep it firmly in place. The feet are listed in the order shown in the photograph, from left to right. The dimensions listed are the diameter of the feet followed by the visible height of the foot after you install them. The other type of square foot, shown, ready to be installed, in the picture on the right, is screwed on the corners. It's a very low profile that gives a classy look when you don't want to design of the foot to intrude on the overall look of the piece. You can either surface-mount the feet as shown, or recess it into the corner of your box, for an even lower-profile look. The inner corner of the foot is radiused, so that if you decide to recess the foot you can easily use a router to cut the recess. A brass router template is available for easy installation. Click here for installation instructions.

All feet are sold in sets of four. Solid brass.

Purchase 4 or more Brusso hardware packages and receive a 10% discount as our way of saying thank you. The discount will automatically show up as an entry in your basket.

All Brusso hardware is now also available in beautiful, solid stainless steel (not shown).

Brusso Hardware is Made in the USA.

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