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Pica Fine-Dry 0.9 mm Automatic Pencil

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 Pica Fine-Dry 0.9 mm Automatic Pencil 7070 ($14.55) In Stock
 Pica Fine-Dry refill set HB 7030 (24 leads/pack) with 2 bonus erasers ($5.01) In Stock
Pica Fine Dry longlife 0.9mm automatic pencil offers an elegant and precise marking with a lead of just 0.9 mm - but with a durability that is anything but dainty.

Count on it to write on wet, dusty and oily surfaces and easily wipe away its marks on glossy surfaces with a moistened cloth. The pencil is suitable for use on a wide range of materials - wood, plastic, metal, stone, concrete, worked timber, laminate, etc. And of course the lead never needs sharpening. The pencil features an integral eraser for quick correction of markings and an extended barrel with a finger grip pattern to make template-making easier.

Comes with five 0.9 mm HB Graphite Refills. Additional packages of 24 HB refills are also available.

Made in Germany.

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