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Osmo UV Protection Oil

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OSMO Hard Waxes and Oil Finishes
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410 Biocide-Free - Clear Satin alt="410 Biocide-Free - Clear Satin"cancel410 Biocide-Free - Clear Satin
 .125L ($16.99) In Stock
 .75L ($42.99) In Stock
420 with Biocide - Clear Satin alt="420 with Biocide - Clear Satin"cancel420 with Biocide - Clear Satin
 .125L ($16.99) In Stock
 .75L ($45.99) In Stock
424 Spruce alt="424 Spruce"cancel424 Spruce
 .125L ($16.99) In Stock
 .75L ($45.99) In Stock
425 Oak
 .125L ($16.99) In Stock
 O.75L ($45.99) In Stock
426 Larch alt="426 Larch"cancel426 Larch
 .125L ($16.99) In Stock
 .75L ($45.99) In Stock
427 Douglas Fir alt="427 Douglas Fir"cancel427 Douglas Fir
 .125L ($16.99) In Stock
.75L ($45.99) Not available
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428 Cedar
 .125L ($16.99) In Stock
 .75L ($45.99) In Stock
429 Neutral alt="429 Neutral"cancel429 Neutral
 .125L ($16.99) In Stock
 .75L ($45.99) In Stock
If you love the look and feel of Osmo finishes on your interior floors and joinery, consider Osmo UV-Protection Oil to protect the wood’s natural character and tone on your outdoor vertical surfaces. It’s great on doors, windows, window shutters, timber cladding, fences, pergolas and balconies. (For decks, tables, chairs and other outdoor furniture onto which rainwater will pond, we recommend Osmo Decking Oil.)

Like Osmo’s interior finishes, the UV Protection Oil leaves a microporous finish that does not crack, flake, peel or blister. It is water and dirt resistant, moisture regulating and reduces wood swelling and shrinkage.

It's a base coat and top coat in one. You can use it as a top coat on already color treated wood - it extends the intervals between renovation works significantly. Or on its own, it delays the graying process by 12x compared to untreated wood. Like all Osmo products, UV Protection Oil allows wood to retain its natural look and feel -- with protection. Note: not recommended for flat exterior surfaces such as decking.

The UV Protection Oil comes in two clear versions; a neutral version that adds a little bit of white pigment to a clear finish to offset the amberizing effect of oil on pale woods; and several versions with tints:

UV Protection Oil 420 (Clear) contains biocides to prevent mold and mildew and is for outdoor use only.
UV Protection Oil 410 (Clear) is biocide-free and can be used both outdoors and indoors on surfaces exposed to UV rays, such as windows and doors.
The tinted protection oils are based upon UV Protection Oil 420 and contains biocides.

Approximate coverage: 250 sq ft per liter with one coat.
Number of recommended coats: 2
Application temperature: +40℉
Drying time: Approximately 10-12 hrs.
Made in Germany.

Domestic Ground shipment only (cannot be shipped by air).

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