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Pica BIG-Dry Longlife Construction Pencil

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 BIG-Dry Longlife Construction Marker 6060/SB ($23.09) In Stock
 BIG-Dry Pica Graphite Refill 12pc in reusable plastic case ($16.13) In Stock
The Pica Big Dry is a legendarily well designed refillable carpenter’s push pencil. Use it wet. Use it with gloves on. Use it in the heat. Use it when you need to mark a few hundred boards. You will never have to sharpen it - just push! And you can use it on just about any surface - wood, plastic, glass, stone, etc. The newest version of this marker features a tip made of metal for even greater resistance against wear.

The 2B Graphite refills are considered universally applicable for most materials and their markings can be cleaned from most surfaces with a moistened cloth. The 6030 rectangular leads measure at a 2x5mm profile and 150mm in length. Each graphite refill pack contains 12 leads inside a sturdy, reusable plastic case.

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