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Norton 3X Sandpaper

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Norton Sharpening Stones and Wheels
Found in Departments: Abrasives, Sandpaper and Steel Wool
  Norton Sharpening Stones and Wheels
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 20 Sheets - 60 Grit ($20.95) In Stock
 20 Sheets - 80 Grit ($18.95) In Stock
 20 Sheets - 100 Grit ($17.95) In Stock
 20 Sheets - 120 Grit ($17.95) In Stock
 20 Sheets - 150 Grit ($17.95) In Stock
 20 Sheets - 180 Grit ($17.95) In Stock
 20 Sheets - 220 Grit ($14.95) In Stock
 20 Sheets - 320 Grit ($14.95) In Stock
 20 Sheets - 400 Grit ($14.95) In Stock
3X sandpaper is the newest abrasive paper to come out of the Norton laboratories. It gets its name from the fact that is lasts about three times longer then regular sandpaper. A whole lot of developments in sandpaper technology came together to make this sandpaper so good. It has an open coat, premium aluminum oxide abrasive grain, which means it won’t clog and the hard, tough abrasive lasts a very long time. Its water- based, non-pigmented stearated coating is safe for all water- and oil- based finishes and provides maximum resistance to clogging for longer life, especially when sanding soft materials. Its full-resin adhesive bonding gives a lot of tear resistance, and provides exceptional flexibility when folded to get in corners and crevices. This feature alone makes it the perfect paper for hand-sanding complex shapes. Its high-strength, fiber-reinforced, latex-saturated paper backing provides exceptional resistance to abrasive grain shedding.
Put it all together, and you get a paper that won’t clog, has tough abrasive that won’t just wear off the paper and lasts a long, long time.
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