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Moxon Vise Hardware Kit

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 Pair of ACME thread screws with adjustable clamp handles (6 1/2" thread length), with nuts, and curved washers ($74.95) In Stock
Dovetailing with a Moxon vise is such a dream, it's now difficult to remember what we did before the current revival this wonderful fixture.

As Chris Schwarz was working on reprinting parts of Joseph Moxon's 1678 landmark book on woodworking, Mechanick Exercises, one of the book's engraving of a workbench prompted some questions: what was the utility of the strange, seemingly floating vise jaws at the front of the bench? While there are several theories about what Moxon was actually trying to illustrate what came to be known as the Moxon vise is a pair of easily removable vise jaws that sit on top of your workbench and allow you to easily clamp boards vertically at the right height for dovetailing. Unlike a regular twin vise that is typically at the wrong height, this attachment brings everything perfectly higher.

We do not offer a completed vise, but instead sell a kit of great hardware for making your own. Our hardware was originally developed in conjunction with the Philadelphia Furniture Workshop, and has some very practical design elements that make it unique, all at a very economical price.

Our hardware (sold in pairs) features an ACME thread for strength and longevity. We use rectangular nuts so that you can easily install the nuts in the vise without danger of wear over time, allowing the nuts to twist in the wood. The black metal handles give you great leverage but also can swing out of the way after you clamp them down so you don't bump into them. Also included are two cupped washers that prevent wear to the wooden jaws, but also allow the jaws to clamp at an angle without jamming into the thread.

See below for a link to a blog entry were we take a look at the elements of a Moxon vise so that you can easily design your own to fit your own workshop needs. Made in the USA.
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My TFWW Moxon vise build
By: Russell Klein (Feb, 2023)
Just completed my version of a Moxon vise using your hardware kit. I wanted the strength and smooth operation of Acme screws and wanted the screws to protrude out the back of the vise. I feel that the 1/2 inch screws in the kit are more than adequate. However I did change one feature of the design sketch in Joel’s blog as I didn’t trust my limited mortising skills to cut a mortise deep into the 5.5 ,inch 8/4 fixed vise chop edge accurately. So I opted to mortise into the back of the fixed chop and set the nut flush with the back of the chop. I held it in place with a removable wood block screwed to the chop, with the vise screws protruding out of a hole in the block. I give up approximately 1/2 inch of vise capacity, but it works great for my needs. Finished off with clamping shelves on the fixed chop and bench index edge strip on the movable chop. Your kit is the best out there.
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Great vice, great price
By: J Sunnygard (Jan, 2022)
Like other reviewers, I spent a lot of time down Moxon vise rabbit holes. I wanted the perfect vise. Enough already! I finally just planed and cut two scrap 2x6x20/24. Rear board has 2x1.5” wings that get beat down with holdfasts. Spent 40 min mortising the rectangle nut holes. Best video tip was to elongate the front holes by drilling three adjacent 1/2” holes for each acme screw. This enables the vise to adjust to hold uneven stock like tapered legs. Thread the handles, done! Easy on, easy off the bench I just keep it on the floor. Sturdy, tight, smooth one of the most used tools in my shop.
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Moxon Vise
By: Eric Weissman (Nov, 2021)
I should have ordered this kit when I ordered the dovetail saw. Read Joel's blog on designing a Moxon vise and consult Moxon vise designs from several other sellers as you design your vise. In particular, the latter have the moveable jaw drop 1/4" below the bench top to register the vise, rather than rotating registration tabs. Do incorporate the clamping ledge behind the fixed jaw. The vise was easy to lay out and build. I particularly like that the screws move in and out behind the vise, rather than sticking out the front as they do with hardware incorporating wheel handles; and I like the ability to drop the handles out of the way. I was initially taken aback by the reality of 1/2" screws - they looked so tiny when I opened the box - but they work smoothly and easily apply all the clamping force you will ever need.
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Love it!
By: Frederick Skelly (Dec, 2020)
This is a nice set of hardware at a fair price. It's simple and is of excellent quality. It made a nice, capable Moxon and I'm glad I bought it. (Joel's merchandise has never disappointed me yet and I've learned to trust his recommendations.) I would like to suggest one thing: include an example plan with all dimensions shown, while explaining that it's only one of many options. I had to study multiple websites to sort out what I actually needed to do and how to size things. That slowed me down. Joel's "Moxon blog" really wasn't enough for me. Regardless of that, this is another great tool from TFWW!
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Very nice kit!
By: Tony Zaffuto (Mar, 2020)
I have a rather large Moxon vise, I built maybe a dozen years ago, using veneer press screws, and machining a few parts to make it work. It works, but the size is not convenient. My current project is a desk, with a number of drawers, somewhat smaller and to use my original Moxon, would be awkward. I've looked at the Tools for Working Wood offering a number of times through the years, and decided, instead of rebuilding my large vise, to make a second, more useful for drawers, with a usable distance of about 10" between the screws. The TFWW kit worked very nicely! I like the captured nuts in the inside jaw, and the handles are very convenient. I would suggest a clearance hole of 9/16" for the rods, as it works very well for me, without any hanging up of the front part of the vise. My original Moxon, built for large work, used 1-1/2" material for the jaws. For this second one, I used 1-1/2" for the rear and 3/4" for the front. as my granddaughter says "Perfect"! I would heartily recommend this kit without any reservations, whatsoever (this said after about 3 dozen sets of dovetails laid out and cut).
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Moxon vise kit
By: Albert Lazzarini (Dec, 2019)
The vise was easy to construct and the hardware works great. One suggestion for improvement: add a threaded hole on the bottom of the long end of the rectangular vise (e.g., 10-24) to accept a long screw while fitting the nut to the mortised slot. I found this useful to insert and retrieve the nut while I was adjusting the depth and dimensions of the mortise. Without a "handle" to retrieve the acme nut, it could have jammed irretrievably in the partially completed mortise.
I own this product.
Excellent hardware
By: David Scarborough (Dec, 2017)
This is a nice setup. I bought this kit to replace the veneer press screw vise I built (bad screw handle) and it has done the job. The only thing I suggest is following the design considerations and using 4/4 wood instead of 8/4 as I did. 8/4 was too heavy for the screws and the vise wouldn't close square without help Well worth the price!
I own this product.
Excellent vise
By: Brian Maris (Apr, 2017)
I looked at several alternatives for a Moxon vise, but most were more expensive than I was prepared to pay. I ordered the kit and assembled it with some scrap hardwood and it works exactly as claimed. I would buy it again.
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Slight modification
By: Jeffery Oliver (Jan, 2017)
1st - Excellent Product! Would like to suggest a small modification to the front jaw design. If you chamfer the front of the front jaw, leaving a 1/4inch lip square with the clamping surface, it will allow a greater area to "drop" the rear of the saw when sawing dovetails - extremely practical!
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Hits The Sweetspot
By: R J McCormick (Apr, 2015)
First looked at all the options available including building my own and other available popular manufactured similar vises. Was a bit reluctant on this was because it appeared "underbuilt" compared to others out there. I was wrong. In fact, several of the others are arguably overbuilt. Most dovetailing we all do is casework and drawers, seldom requiring dovetails in stock exceeding 4/4" thickness. This vise is way over capable of adequately clamping such stock and larger. Simple, well designed and built, and the well thought features hit the sweetspot for function and value. Fast shipping and great service. As a woodworker for over 43 years, my advice is...get one.
I own this product.
Vise hardware
By: Peter Noll (Mar, 2015)
I recently installed the vise hardware and am very happy with it. Installation was easy and the work holding capability is superb. The ability to turn the handles out of the way after tightening is a great feature. I researched making my own screws using acme hardware before purchasing and you really get more for your money with this kit. I'm extremely pleased with the purchase and the only thing I would add is the ability to purchase an additional pair of nuts so the vise chop and screws can be used on multiple benches. Thanks for the great product and customer service.
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Simple and Sweet
By: Thomas Priest (May, 2013)
This vise is exactly what it needs to be, simple yet with a few added touches that make it super ergonomic. The camber makes sure clamping pressure is more than adequate, being able to rotate the handles out of the way after setting is awesome, plus they are not huge because you dont need that for the operations you will be doing. The ledge on the back is very handy for dovetailing and the small blocks for aligning to the bench edge are simple and affective. Made of very nice stock and fit and finish is smooth and simple. Another great product offered up by TFWW, great job guys and great job to the Philadelphia Furniture Workshop. I would recommend this item to anyone that wants a well built simple way to raise your working height without all the unnecessary add ons and limited space some of the other makers utilize on theirs. As always keep up the great product assortment!
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