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Miro Moose Cam Clamps

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 4 1/2" jaw length x 8" clamp opening ($19.95) In Stock
 4 1/2" jaw length x 16" clamp opening ($25.95) In Stock
 4 1/2" jaw length x 24" clamp opening ($29.95) In Stock
 6" jaw length x 8" clamp opening ($22.95) In Stock
 8 1/2" jaw length x 8" clamp opening ($25.95) In Stock
A huge percentage of the time when we have to clamp something small together, a light cam clamp such as these is just perfect. Since the clamps are pretty lightweight, they don’t crush the work and you don’t have to worry about supporting the weight of the clamp. They don’t have the pressure of big screw clamps, but most of the time you don’t need that pressure. The light weight makes them easy to position and easy to control. They’re ideal for light gluing or veneering. Luthiers, model-makers, furniture restorers and anyone doing delicate work love these clamps.

They’re solidly constructed with the highest quality materials and workmanship. The jaws are hard maple and the bar is spring steel. Cork faces on the jaws protect your work from marring. The listed size is the maximum length of the clamped items. The overall size of the clamps are slightly larger.

Made in USA.
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By: Sharon Fieber (Sep, 2018)
Wedge clamp 76A need smaller link for Baltic birch glue ups. Other than that great tool to use.
I own this product.
By: Paul McDonald (May, 2017)
Great clamps , easy to use one handed.
I own this product.
best cam clamps
By: Dave (Jan, 2016)
These are the best clamps for the money and have held up admirably for years. I have similar clamps from other manufacturers (and have made some of my own) and they have not held up as well. I'm ordering more.
I own this product.
Best there is
By: David Seaton (Dec, 2013)
I bought some of your clamps a few years back because they were a few bucks less than what was out there. Most of the other clamps I have have worn or broken and yours are still hanging in there working every day. Better and cost less... I use them for guitar making and other projects too. Well done!
I own this product.

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