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Knew Concepts Coping Saw

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  Knew Concepts
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 Coping Saw frame and one blade ($165.00) In Stock
 Skip Tooth 16 TPI - 1 Dozen (.094" wide x .018 thk.) ($6.95) In Stock
 15 TPI - 1 Dozen (.125" wide x .02 thk.) ($6.95) In Stock
 24 TPI - 1 Dozen (.090" wide x .018 thk.) ($6.95) In Stock
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The Knew Concepts Coping saw is the ultimate small-frame saw for woodworkers. Its robust construction is effortlessly light weight thanks to the truss frame design. Using the saw is a pleasure. Just like its smaller fret saw cousins, the Knew Concepts Coping saw uses a simple cam mechanism to provide repeatable tension, and fast blade changes.

Coping saws are so called, because they have historically been used for cutting the cope, or matching fit, to a moulding. Now-a-days, we find them more likely to used for wasting dovetails, or for wasting on curved workpieces.

To our thinking, the Knew Concepts Coping Saw, brings the fret saw back inline with its current usage, as the wasting weapon of choice. The stiff frame, tensioning cam, and 360 degree rotating blade (with indexing) all add up to a substantially more robust platform than any other coping saw we know of.

The Knew Concepts Coping Saw is simply impressive, and looks poised to dictate the rules of the game for any one attempting to dethrone it as the worlds best coping saw… even if you never cut a single cope!

The Knew Concepts Coping saw accepts standard 6 ½” Pinned blades. The ones listed below are made by Olson. Coping blades made by Pegas are also available.

Knew Concepts saws are made in USA.

Fret Saws use an exceptionally thin blade clamped at the ends and held in place via friction. Because the blade doesn’t use pins to hold it in place, it can be quite thin, and for this reason, a fret saw, with the right blade, can quite nearly pivot in place. For pierced screens, or other intricate work where precision is prized over speed a fret saw is the way to go. Knew Concepts fret saws, have a blade tension mechanism that is indexed to rotate 45 degrees in either direction.

In contemporary woodworking, the coping saw has largely outgrown its namesake and is more often used as a tool for wasting joinery, or shaping a workpiece. The pinned blade of a coping saw is substantially thicker and taller than a fret saw blade. Coping Saw blades cut an arc (albeit a very small one) rather than pivot. The larger thicker blades of the coping saw, are more durable, and less prone to breaking than fret saw blades. If you will primarily use your saw for joinery and wasting buy a coping saw. Knew Concepts coping saws have a blade tension mechanism that is indexed every 45 degrees, and may rotate a full 360 degrees.

The Precision Saw Guide (which we no longer stock) is a fret saw that interfaces with a guide system to allow for detailed cuts at precise angles to the workpiece. The actual saw is simply a fret saw with a fixed, non-rotating blade, and an unusually shaped frame. While the saw itself is actually quite light weight, the protrusions and lack of a rotating blade, make it a little less ideal for free-hand use than a regular Knew Concepts Fret Saw. Buy a Precision Saw Guide if your primary use for the saw will be detailed precise work where maintaining precise the angle of your edge is crucial. The Knew Concepts Precision Saw Guide has a blade tension mechanism that does not rotate. The workrest may be tilted 45 degrees in either direction from perpendicular to the blade.
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By: Walter Liedke (May, 2017)
Felt a little guilty paying a 100.00 bucks for a coping saw but just one cut was smoooth and very maneuverable The saw is very easy to use and adjust and is quick on the draw. Highly recommend
I own this product.
Cat's Meow!
By: Jeffery Oliver (Dec, 2015)
I was a little hesitant about putting out this kind of money for a coping saw, but - wow! I have been lacking a coping saw because of the "noodle effect" - especially since I have ABEL 5 inch fret saw that had good tension control, but no coping saw - Knew fixed that!
I own this product.

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