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Rounding Planes (Rounders) by Ray Iles

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Ray Iles | Exclusive Importers in the USA
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Rounding Planes (Rounders)  by Ray IlesRounding Planes (Rounders)  by Ray Ilescancelleft arrowright arrow
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 1/2" ($79.95) In Stock
 9/16" ($79.95) In Stock
5/8" ($79.95) Not available
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 3/4" ($79.95) In Stock
 7/8" ($79.95) In Stock
1" ($79.95) Not available
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Set of all 6 sizes ($455.72) Not available
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Made from air dried English beech, these rounders, also known as rounding planes, are very useful tools for chairmakers and other woodworkers who need to round dowels, tenons, long handles and the like.

Clamp up the piece of wood that is to be rounded, and then rotate the rounder - just as you would a pencil in a sharpener. It works like a charm! The rounder feels great in the hand and its metalwork is all that you would hope for. The blade is correctly curved so that the wood is easily shaved off. Two heavy screws keep the blade rock solid in position, but of course there is enough room to adjust the blade as it wears. According to the maker, Ray Iles, the key is setting the iron so that the finished dowel fits very snugly in the guide hole as it is cut. Almost at squeaking tight, Ray says. The handles are traditionally shaped and are very comfortable. Sharp and ready to use. Comes with instructions.

One of our longtime customers was building chairs and needed to cut ⅝” tenons. He advised to make sure to use the term “tenon cutter” in this product description so that folks could find this tool under that name too. We thought this was a great idea so we are adding this information to the description. (He added, “Thank you for the 5/8" rounding plane. It arrived sharp and perfectly adjusted. I love it.”)

Made in England.
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By: Donny (Dec, 2021)
Couldn’t ask for anything better. Cut perfect out of the package. Gonna order another size now. Also love this store. Shipping is always fast and great customer service. Thank you
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Rounding planes
By: Jeffery Oliver (Jan, 2019)
I am buying these to "match" threading tools (I use the rounder first, because bought dowels are never accurately sized). I have the 1/2 inch and 1 inch - guess I'll have to wait to get the 3/4 inch.....
By: Chuck Hukari (Mar, 2017)
These planes work exactly has promised right out of the package. I bought 3 and should have purchased all 6. Thank you
I own this product.
By: Paul Palaza (Feb, 2016)
Very nice tools might be a little expensive for me. I hope to be purchasing some drawing knives and chiseled soon.Thanks
By: Gavin (May, 2014)
This is awesome that you guys make these available, are blades held w screw inserts are blades available separately?

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