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Holdfasts by Gramercy Tools

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Holdfasts by Gramercy Tools
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Before the advent of the modern vise, holdfasts used to come in all sorts of sizes. Workbenches were covered with holes top and side for clamping work everywhere. The holdfast was sufficiently important to rate almost half a page in Moxon's Mechanicks Exercises (1678 - the first book on woodworking in English). But by the middle of the 19th century, as regular vices of all sorts of designs became more popular, the holdfast disappeared from view. It may be that the old ones were all hand forged and forged locally - to the best of our knowledge we have never seen a forged holdfast listed in any tool catalogue in the 19th century. But we digress. We have been using holdfasts of one sort or another since we started woodworking and our bench has also been drilled with 3/4" holes for this purpose. But the only holdfasts we could get were cast ones, which aren't very good, or really expensive hand forged ones, which can be quite nice, but also variable and expensive. So about a year ago, after getting a shipment of cast holdfasts that were so brittle as to be totally useless (though inexpensive), we gave up and started thinking about solutions. We ended up designing a tool ourselves: a modern holdfast, made of modern formed wire, in a modern factory. They work great, are pretty inexpensive, and have a low profile that won't get in the way of your woodworking.

The best part of holdfasts is how fast they work. You hit them on the top of the arm to lock them and on the side of the stem to loosen. In general they are used (and work even better) in pairs.

The holdfast is designed for 3/4" hole in a workbench top of a 1 3/4" thick or thicker. 6 1/2" reach. Maximum clamping 7 1/4" in a 2" thick benchtop. Patented. Made in USA.

Note: we have discovered that while the holdfasts work great they will work even better and in more benches if you just rub a little 150 or 220 sandpaper around the stems (not up and down, round and round)

"Holdfasts that really work...The masterminds at Tools for Working Wood have patented a process for making a holdfast that works extraordinarily well for an equally extraordinary price - Buy a pair. It will change your workholding for the better - instantly. (5 out of 5 stars)."- Popular Woodworking

Finally! A holdfast which works and is priced reasonably." - Frank Klausz
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Customer Reviews:
Hold Fasts Hold Fast
By: bill epstein (Jul, 2020)
My third try at getting a hold fast that does. Cheap Ebay, cheap Amazon, 0 for 2. Unpack, sand a bit with 60 grit paper, set in bench and WHACK. Done. And still cheap!
I own this product.
hold downs
By: mark fields (Mar, 2020)
one of the greater purchases I have made for my woodworking Hobby.... after scratching them up with a little 36 grit they will hold down with the pressure from the palm of your hand. had to take the rough edges off of the pad itself but other than that I love them
I own this product.
Excellent Holdfasts
By: Jason Meinholz (Mar, 2020)
These work excellent, are very well finished, and an extremely good value. Absolutely top notch, Thanks guys!
I own this product.
Gramercy holdfasts
By: BARRY DIEMER (Mar, 2020)
Simply put, the best bargain in all woodworking, period!!!!
I own this product.
By: Matt (Mar, 2020)
They hold STRONG in my 4 inch thick plywood bench. Make sure you’re actually drilling a 3/4 inch hole. Use calipers to make sure because MANY 3/4 bits are not actually 3/4. I roughed up the hold fast with 80 grit on the whole shaft and then went over it with a file as well. Holds STRONG. I even use them on the face of the bench in the 3.25 inch skirt to use as a vise. When smooth they don’t hold so great but get them nice and roughed up and they’ll hold down a horse.
I own this product.
Excellent holdfast
By: Bob Jones (Feb, 2020)
Love these holdfasts! I've owned them for about eight months now. A solid whack sets them firmly. I was using a metal hammer for a while, but the sound was very loud, and the metal hammer dented the holdfasts. I discovered that a rubber hammer gets the job done just as securely, much more quietly, and with no denting or scratching of the holdfasts. My bench is 2-1/4" thick beech with 3/4" dog holes. Using these holdfasts has literally added a new "dimension" to my bench's usefulness. Excellent quality and excellent price (look around!).
I own this product.
Amazing for the price
By: Matt Luedtke (Jan, 2020)
At first they didn't stick, so I cleaned and sanded them. They still had trouble, so I took an angle grinder and knicked up the shafts. Now they are AMAZING. They work flawlessly and are many times cheaper than forged alternatives. Best value tool I have purchased.
I own this product.
Buy the pair
By: Bob Jones (Dec, 2019)
I bought them in mid 2019. I use these all the time for an impromptu set of shavings with a bench plane or a tenon true-up with the router plane. Faster than a vise. I have them hanging at arm’s length to grab at will. One good whack with a 12-oz hammer and they’re planted. I have a 2-1/8” thick birch bench with round 3/4” dog holes. These holdfasts work wonderfully. The extra dimension of work holding I’d wanted for years.
I own this product.
First clamp I reach for at the Bench
By: Porkbutter (Oct, 2019)
These holdfasts work wonderfully in my 3-3/4 inch thick bench. They didn't grab well at first until I figured out to strike them part way down the front slope instead of over the vertical shaft. This activates their spring action. Now the hold very firmly, fast and efficient. New favorite tool!
I own this product.
Functions perfectly!
By: Fernando (Sep, 2019)
I don't know why I didn't get these hold fast year's ago. I used to use the Veritas holdfast that was a pain to screw and unscrew. I tested the Gramercy hold fast right out the box in my 3" hard maple bench and boy did it stick--maybe sticks too good. I didn't have to scuff the shank either.
I own this product.
By: Jim Lompe (Sep, 2019)
I received these yesterday and promptly tried them out. They work perfectly, just as expected. I tried it without sanding the shaft, just to see how it would do. Worked just fine, although I will sand the shaft as recommended. Using them couldn't be easier, hit the top to tighten it, hit the back to loosen it. I used a 24oz. Vaughn rubber mallet. They seem to made made very well with a great, smooth finish. These are going to last for many, many years.
I own this product.
Great product and excellent customer service!
By: Tim Wing (Jul, 2019)
A holdfast that works. A quality tool that does what it is supposed to, made in USA & sold by a company that takes pride in their products and customer service. Thank you Tools for Working Wood!
I own this product.
No Replacement for the Real Thing!
By: Gabe (Jun, 2019)
I've tried multiple cheap amazon/Grizzly holdfasts but never could get any of them to bite. When they did bite, they sooner after snapped. The difference between those el-cheapo holdfasts and these are that most cheap ones are cast. Cast steel/iron is too brittle and won't bend well. Gramercy has made fantastic drawn steel holdfasts that work beautifully and are very reasonably priced. In my mind, there is no replacement for drawn steel holdfasts. 10/10 would buy again. The only caveat is you need to take sand the shafts HORIZONTALLY right out of the box or they won't bite well in some bench tops. ToolforWorkingWood actually has a great little write-up on how to accomplish this.
I own this product.
*Sigh* Pretty Good I Guess
By: Kevin (May, 2019)
I'm always sceptical about buying products everyone seems to be going on and on about. I think the hype often skews people's opinions and the cycle feeds itself. I heard about these holdfasts everywhere, from books to online videos, so, for such an economical price, I figured, why not? I bought a pair and set my expectations low so I wouldn't be consumed by the fervor and objectively look at these holdfasts on their merits. They are absolutely fantastic. I put them through their paces on my two and three quarter inch maple workbench and with the swing of my engineers hammer, they locked in place and refused to budge. Well done Gramercy.
I own this product.
By: David Conant (May, 2019)
I just built the bench crafted roubo workbench and dropped in the holdfasts for their 1st use. No matter how I hit them, I could not get them to grip. Tehen I cleaned the shaft with degreaser and sanded them with 120 sand paper. They then held beautifully. I was contemplating a return up until then. I just ordered a 2nd pair and saw the small note about sanding the shaft.. seems that would be a common problem unless you caught the note. Anyway, I love them!
I own this product.
By: G. A. Nickoloff (Mar, 2019)
These are perfect! They don't slip, bend, crack or let loose. A joy to use!
I own this product.
By: Norman J Mitchell (Feb, 2019)
Nice, they work well. They could be a little taller but I am happy with my purchase.
I own this product.
By: Bill Killian (Dec, 2018)
Now, that's a proper holdfast.Like a lot of people I wasted an equivalent amount of money on some cast steel ones from a well-known chain. These work, without problems. Thanks.
I own this product.
Great holdfasts, unbelievable price
By: Dan (Nov, 2018)
I have been using a pair for about a year and a half now, and have no complaints. For what it's worth, I've been using them on a bench made entirely out of softwood 2 x 12s. It took me three or four whacks to find the right amount of force to use, but since then no problem holding, and so far, no sign that they're wearing away the holes. I did a lot of research before buying, and as far as I can tell there are no other holdfasts anywhere near this price, and of the 3/4 inch diameter holdfasts out there, I'm not aware of any that hold better.
I own this product.
a truly secure holdfast
By: Matt L (Sep, 2018)
Securely holds, and easily loosen with couple taps to the back of the curve. I have added a 3" block under a sawhorse and use that for a portable solid holdfast.
I own this product.
By: Paul N. (Sep, 2018)
Excellent product at an excellent price. I initially had some difficulty with them slipping in my 5" thick bench. After using a file to rough up the smooth finish on the inserted portion of the hold fast they grip excellently even in thicker benches.
I own this product.
By: Tom Dougherty (Aug, 2018)
I love them. Work great. So fast.
I own this product.
By: david mize (Jun, 2018)
Got a pair of your holdfasts a few months ago & am more than have 3/4" holes drilled in every work table in shop...being extruded like wire instead of being cast makes a big difference in these clamps-can't imagine these things could EVER fail! Tip: leather pads carpet-taped to the faces of these marvelous tools is the capper...5 stars easy, now one of my favorite go-to tools.(Just one small thing: being a bit more rust-resistant would be nice)
I own this product.
Leagues beyond any Others in the price range
By: M. L (Mar, 2018)
I've had a pair of these holdfast for a while now an couldn't be more pleased with with their performance. Similarly priced cast iron holdfast are know to be brittle and snap, but not these. I've beat on them and they take it. They grip wonderfully and release easily with 1-2 mallet taps. I've since installed a 2 1/2" thick apron on the front of my workbench and use a pair of them horizontally in the same manner you would use a vise. The same addition was made at one end to use with a wooden cleat like a tail vice with a row of dogs. They shipped quick, I ordered very late on a Monday evening and received them Saturday. From NY to CA without excessive shipping charges in less than a week. Work holding is a very very important factor in efficient woodworking, and if you don't have a pair of these, your missing out. Get them! they will improve your workflow and allow for quick and secure clamping methods for any type of work. I only wished I had ordered them years ago.
I own this product.
James Catino
By: James Catino (Feb, 2018)
My new pair of Gramercy Tools Holdfasts just arrived and they are absolutely AWSOME!!!! They are built very well and look as if they will service for generations. I have been researching what to buy for some time and made my decision when Frank Klausz gave them a nod in one of his YouTube videos.
I own this product.
Holds even in softwoods
By: Tracy (Jan, 2018)
I bought a pair of these right after building my first "real" workbench. Built for utility, it's a torsion box with 3/4" baltic birch for the top, ribs made from construction lumber, and 3/8" plywood for the bottom skin. I was having some problems with the holdfasts not wanting to grab initially but once I relieved the dog holes on the bottom of the bench by just chamfering away the 3/8" plywood surrounding the holes, they would not let go. Even in the piece of hemlock (which practically dents when you breathe on it) that I used for the row of through holes running the length of the bench. I was both relieved and impressed when I gave it a few good taps, mainly letting the weight of my mallet do the work, and it held onto the scrap of wood I tested them on with a crazy amount of force. I have no qualms about holding my work with them for operations with a handheld router, if that tells you anything.
I own this product.
Holdfast not holding in thick bench top
By: Richard (Jan, 2018)
Bought two of the Gramercy hold fasts last week. Got them promptly and took them to my work bench. Stuck them in my 3/4 inch dog hole and whacked it on top... nothing. It would not hold anything. Bench top is 3 inches thick. Added another 1 1/2 block below the dog hole making a total of 4 1/2 inches...still nothing. Why will these hold fast not do anything? What am I doing wrong?
Excellent Holdfasts.
By: Jake (Jan, 2018)
These holdfasts are exactly what you expect: American made and functional! Extremely satisfied with my purchase, as some may have said, scuff the stem perpendicular to its long axis (NOT up and down it, AROUND it) to make sure they have plenty of grip. Top notch.
I own this product.
Look great but need a bit of work before they hold
By: Kevin (Nov, 2017)
Like another reviewer I had a hard time (mentally) drilling holes into the top of my handmade 5" thick bench. I was not able to get them to hold anything no matter how hard I hit them. Moved to my apron board 1 3/4" thick and same problem. After some research online and after re-reading this page a second time I noticed the very fine print recommending I rough up the shaft with sandpaper. I will try that and try decreasing enlarging the bottom 2" of the bench top holes by drilling underneath. Assuming this works - please make the "Note" on the product page a little bit larger.
I own this product.
By: W. J. Woell (Aug, 2017)
The stated claims regarding this product are precisely accurate. Better than a second pair of hands. You'll wonder how were able to work without them. Vastly expands the capabilities of your workbench(s), money WELL SPENT. I would suggest several sets, I have four sets myself. EXCELLENT!
I own this product.
Furniture Maker/ Owner - Luka Design Works
By: Luka Mrkonjic (Aug, 2017)
Amazing! These holdfasts are far superior than any other holdfasts I have used in my 20 years of woodworking; hand forged or otherwise. Very well made, and for the price, extremely economical compared to the competition. Very satisfied, well done Gramercy Tools!
I own this product.
Impressive Holdfasts - Great pProduct
By: Craig Kunce (Jul, 2017)
Just received these and they work exceptionally well. I have a homemade workbench, 3.5" thick top and they hold everything down. Just a gentle tap of my mallet locks them down and releases them. I also have holes in the front of my workbench to hold wood vertically. The steel they are made from "springs" a little to increase the grip. If you watch closely on Roy's bench (on The Woodright's Shop) you'll see he uses these too. That's a solid testimonial. Thanks for investing the R&D, time and patent money to bring this product back to life. Love that they are American made too.
I own this product.
By: Harvey Kimsey (Jul, 2017)
These holdfasts work so well it's actually scary.
I own this product.
Holdfasts by Gramercy Tools
By: BlueStone (Jul, 2017)
Great product. Tried a cast iron set and promptly returned them. These are perfect and really hold. Don't buy just one (unless your workpieces are pretty short); your work can pivot. If you use a block of scrap as shown to avoid marring make sure its softer than the wood you're holding down. I contact cemented rawhide on the pads---works great and holds a bit sooner with increased friction. Use these twice and you'll be using them every day thereafter. One of my most satisfying tool purchases ever. Will last a lifetime if they don't grow legs.Five stars!
I own this product.
A great first time experience!
By: Scott Smith (Jun, 2017)
Being new to woodworking, I have never had the opportunity to use Holdfasts of any brand. I did a lot of reading about cheap made, but expensive import cast iron holdfasts that were breaking, not holding, etc. I saw these were made in the USA and all the great reviews so I gave it a shot. I was not disappointed! Man, these things hold great! I must add, even though the description above says 1 3/4" minimum thickness for your table, they work absolutely perfect in my 1 1/2" butcher block table top.
I own this product.
Great Product
By: Greg Joseph (Jun, 2017)
Just received my holdfasts today. I ordered two. What a bargain. These are beautifully made. I'm thrilled with them and Gramercy was wonderful to deal with. Very fast delivery. Very fast acknowledgement of the order. You couldn't ask for more. I highly recommend Gramercy Tools and the holdfasts they sell. Totally pleased.
I own this product.
Best Deal On Holdfasts
By: Kim Bruns (Jun, 2017)
If you want to spend a lot of money on holdfasts there are plenty of places to do that. Not here. Sand the shafts just a bit and these economical babies will work just fine.
I own this product.
By: Steve Keltz (May, 2017)
Amazing at any price. Fantastic at this one. Thanks.
I own this product.
Great holdfast
By: Brian Maris (Apr, 2017)
I have other holdfasts that sit in a drawer unused. These I use and they work. Hit it with a mallet and it will hold for weeks. Hit it on the side and it releases. What more can you ask?
I own this product.
A bargain
By: Michael Edelman (Apr, 2017)
Mine just arrived (I bought a pair), and as soon as I unpacked them I ran down to the basement to try them out. A light tap from my bench mallet locks them in tightly enough to li the bench,and another tapmreleases them. At the price they're asking they're one of the great bargains in woodworking tools. Many thanks to Christopher Schwarz for pointing me to them.
I own this product.
simplistic genius
By: Art (Feb, 2017)
I aspire to be good woodworker, but got started late in life with much to learn. I'm a huge fan of anything related to a it represents that extra hand you always need. These are so easy to use it's almost criminal not to see them in use in every shop. Very thankful I stumbled across these. I keep them handy and use them frequently. Many thanks for making a well-made product affordable and available!
I own this product.
By: Josh (Feb, 2017)
Perfect for me.these are a great deal!
I own this product.
Great product
By: Jason Smith (Feb, 2017)
You will love these. I ordered 2 and they look and work great. My workbench is 3" thick maple and they hold solid with just one hit from a mallet. For the money these are hands down the best option.
I own this product.
Very Happy
By: Alex Y. (Feb, 2017)
I just received these. I am using a Harbor Freight work bench at the moment which consists of a laminated top that is a little over 1" thick. I sanded the holdfasts in accordance with the recommended instructions, and they work wonderfully. I'm extremely happy with them.
I own this product.I am the manufacturer of this product.
Love these
By: Michael Mann (Jan, 2017)
Well, somehow I managed to miss giving a review over 3 years ago when I bought a pair. Needless to say I have used them and used them some more, literally every day in my shop. They are excellent quality, an all around great tool.
I own this product.
ALERT...Best Value-Uber High Quality
By: John (Jan, 2017)
These are simply the best deal going in "non-toy" holdfasts. Excellent build quality, and work well. I was leery because my benches have 5" thick tops. I scuffed the shafts on these with 120 grit and they worked...But once I counter bored the dog holes for these from the bottom, they are just wonderful. Highly recommended.
I own this product.
By: Jack Carfagno (Dec, 2016)
These holdfasts are excellent quality at a great price. These are far superior to of the cheap, cast, made over seas hold fast I've been going through for years. These will last for ever. Highly recommend
I own this product.
A Pleasure To Use
By: Joe K. (Nov, 2016)
I am more than impressed, this product is a pleasure to use.
I own this product.
By: Tony branam (Oct, 2016)
I feel cheated. All those years in high school woodshop and not once were we shown the effectiveness of a simple holdfast. I am drilling 3/4 inch holes in all my benches and working tables for easy holdfast use on any project.
I own this product.
By: arlie anderson (Aug, 2016)
very nice tool. they work great
I own this product.
Great Quality at a Fantastic Price
By: Joe S (Aug, 2016)
These are absolutely the best hold downs I have owned. After roughing them up just a bit with 100 grit sandpaper they held the work very well. They released with a slight tap. These are a no-brainer to purchase - highly recommend!
I own this product.
What a bargain!!
By: Rex (Aug, 2016)
Shipped with a thin coat of oil, no annoying lacquer to remove. A little sanding is all that is needed to get them ready. Works like a dream in 3 in bench top and 3 1/2 in leg.
I own this product.
Amazing quality and value
By: Andre Prudhomme (Jul, 2016)
(Adding to the chorus of positive reviews here) These are as good or better than any other holdfast I've tired, including expensive hand forged ones. Tools For Working Wood clearly landed on a great manufacturing process and is able to produce a superior tool at an extremely low price.
I own this product.
By: Bud Gerber (Jun, 2016)
Great holdfast
I own this product.
By: Peter Smallidge (Jun, 2016)
This hold fast works like a charm. I tried some cheap "made in China" hold fasts that are now in the trash. ToolsForWoodworking sent these immediately; I had them the next day. Packaging was adequate. These are full-sized and hold well, but release well. I can't imagine not owning a pair of these.
I own this product.
By: michael lerner (May, 2016)
I have a pair of these holdfasts and love them. I only wish Gramercy would make me another pair with shafts 3" longer so I could hold material up to 10 ¼" thick!
I own this product.
Works, well worth it
By: Mike S (May, 2016)
Just received my 2 today. Cleaned them off, roughed them up with some scrap 60 grit sandpaper, and tried them out. The workbench top is made from joined 4x10 sections, so it is 3.5" thick. Dropped in the holdfast on a piece of wood, gave it a whack and it held. Ultimate test: with it in place I CAN LIFT THE ENTIRE 150+ POUND WORKBENCH! To release I have to pull slightly up on the holdfast and give it a tap. I have tried the cast ones that cost more than these, they are worthless. So far 110% happy. =)
I own this product.
Excellent quality, price can't be beat.
By: Nate (Apr, 2016)
Holds great. No issues so far. 3.75 inch maple top, 5.5 inch legs, always grips.
I own this product.
Absolutely great
By: Jugnu Jethi (Mar, 2016)
These hold fasts are amazing. Ordered two pairs of these after reading many encouraging reviews. My bench top is about 3in thick and drilled a 3/4 in hole to accommodate the hold fasts. Initially it refuses to hold. But sanding in a circular motion around the stem with 80 grit sand paper fixed the issue. These hold fasts hold absolutely great.
I own this product.
By: George Newton (Feb, 2016)
I purchased a pair of these holdfasts a couple of years ago and liked them so much I ordered a second pair. I have a 3.5 inch thick bench top, and I did find it helpful to roughen up the shafts a bit with course sandpaper to improve the grip of the shaft on the bench. I would never want to be without these holdfasts.
I own this product.
Gramercy Holdfast
By: Chucky C (Atlanta) (Feb, 2016)
Just received the single copy of the fabulous addition to my shop and used it tonight after drilling two 3/4inch holes in my bench. Worked like a charm as I have been using a Kreg adjustable clamp which couldn't do the job. Damn Yankees this almost makes up for the Braves losses in the World Series '96 and '99 Drat can't hate a company that makes such wonderful tool--even have your dovetail saw- fabulous
I own this product.
My regret
By: Jamey (Feb, 2016)
I recently finished my roubo style bench out of 2 11x4 ash slabs. After drilling the holes for the blue, Taiwan holdfasts I got from amazon I found myself near tears. Having never used one before I wasn't sure what I'd do with 7 new holds in the top of my bench as these did not hold squat. I found Gramercy holdfasts and one tap is all it took, faith restored. Not to forget how wonderful Sean and tools for woodworking are to deal with.
I own this product.
Holdfast Review
By: Kyle (Feb, 2016)
These are the first holdfasts that I have tried, and they worked excellent. I can't believe I never looked into these before!
I own this product.
Great product and fantastic customer service!
By: Will C. (Jan, 2016)
Ordered a pair of the holdfasts and am glad I did! They are impressive. I mentioned the shipping rate when placing the order, and the method of shipping was changed to power the shipping cost without missing a beat, really appreciate it, and will be ordering again in the future, thank you.
I own this product.
Trading Up To Forged Holdfasts? Hog Wash!
By: Jim Waldron (Jan, 2016)
I just saw some "world famous" blogger who has a set of the Gramercy holdfasts and is planning to "upgrade" to forged versions. Based on my experience, I suspect he will regret that decision as a waste of his money for no gain. And if he increases the size of his bench holes, he won't be able to go back very easily. And with the larger diameter (and often longer tails) of most forged holdfasts, he'll be straining his back every time he has to pick one up. If you're a hobby woodworker, save the money to get a better saw. If you're a pro, save the money for your bottom line. These work so well, there's no benefit to looking elsewhere.
I own this product.
By: Mark (Dec, 2015)
Just unboxed a pair and found they fit perfectly into my 3/4 inch dog holes. One wack with a rubber mallet and they "holdfast" I highly recommend a pair of these for your bench!
I own this product.
super holdfast
By: Boib Burch (Nov, 2015)
Have been using your Holdfasts for 4 years now. Always finding another use for them, power tool work or hand work. Best bargain in woodworking.
I own this product.
Absolutely Amazing
By: Jay Froman (Nov, 2015)
I am newer to the old style hand tools. I saw a You Tube poster using these hold downs. I just got them and they worked just as advertised. How in the world did I get by without them? The price is very right.... Thanks Gramercy
I own this product.
By: Jeff ( (Nov, 2015)
Great price, and solid!!! I cannot wait to use these when making bowls and other greenwood items. The shipping was fast!!!!!!!!!!
I own this product.
By: J.Seale (Sep, 2015)
The ease in which these tools set &; unset even on uneven cuts is great.Working on a gun stock &; sometimes the vice just don't set the wood where I want it. these fit the job. great tool. side note / on customer service is awesome.
I own this product.
By: Ray (Sep, 2015)
I am impressed with these Gramercy holdfasts, wished I could have had them 50 years ago. They are so much quicker than my old leaver screw type
I own this product.
By: bill rudy (Jul, 2015)
Wow! the service is amazing! placed order on the 20th july and to my surprise , it arrived on the 21st!!! top quality, i am so very pleased! thank you!
I own this product.
By: Glen Canaday (Jul, 2015)
My wife bought a pair of these for me last Christmas. I just got to putting holes for them into my bench (we had a baby girl before it got warm enough to go back out to the shop!) and I have to say they work great. Thanks, Gramercy and thanks, TFWW for carrying such a fine product.
I own this product.
By: Tom (Jun, 2015)
Gramercy holdfast pat.7571631 I have a pair of these holdfast tools which I have been using on my home built saw horse made fro a large roof beam from an old French villa. These tools are so user friendly and tactile it makes you wonder why there is not a bigger demand in the DIY market for them Five stars from me. Tom @ Mainplane
I own this product.
Wish I'd had these years ago!
By: Rich K. (Apr, 2015)
Constantly reaching for the pair that I bought several months ago. I have a 2" thick bench top and they work perfectly. On softer woods, I use an extra piece of wood to prevent marring. They hold tight and release quickly once you get the knack for the right amount of force to use. Buy a pair now! you won't regret it.
I own this product.
By: Al Mortenson (Apr, 2015)
My Gramercy Hold Fasts arrived so quickly, I've not had a chance to drill out the holes I'm adding to the elevated Moxon vise I'm building. The product is both simple and extremely well made. Any cast iron hold fast doesn't stand a chance up against the Gramercy products. Cast iron cannot take the beating without cracking and forged hold fasts were beyond my budget. I'm pleased I found these beauties!
I own this product.
Great Product
By: Chris Hinsdale (Mar, 2015)
Just received these holdfasts by Fed-Ex today. The product arrived on time and is exactly as advertised. These things are beefy and breakage does not seem possible! What a great American made product.
I own this product.
Best deal going
By: Daniel (Mar, 2015)
Buy two...for $17.50 a piece this is the best deal you will ever find for a product that works exceptionally well. Blacksmiths want $150+ for something that works half as well.
I own this product.
Gramercy holdfasts
By: Joe Shelton (Mar, 2015)
Recently added two of Joel's holdfasts to my bench, because I wasn't pleased with the cast holdfasts I've used for a long time. The Gramercy holdfast is excellent, which is not a surprise. The surprise is that, by a simple 'workaround', it also works beautifully in my Sjoberg bench, which has 1" holes. To do this, I cut 3/8" lengths of plastic tubing that has an outside diameter of 1". This short 'bushing' goes into the bench's hole, and then the holdfast is inserted. Works great, and my bench is not damaged by an ill-fitted shaft. Thanks, Joel! Joe
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By: James Taylor (Jan, 2015)
Received my pair of Gramarcy holdfast's yesterday, just in time to put them to use on my new bench. Couldn't be better. Highly recommend these to everyone who wants a quality product that does the job perfectly.
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Gramercy Tools
By: Ricardo Raia (Jan, 2015)
Estimada Marisa: Con algunas complicaciones burocrÃticas con la Aduana de Argentina, hoy pude retirar las Gramercy Tools, por supuesto pagando los derechos. Deseo destacar que el producto es excelente y felicitaciones a todo el equipo de Holfast por fabricar tan buenas herramientas para el oficio de carpintero. Feliz aÃo 2015 para Ud y todo lo mejor!!! Saludos cordiales Ricardo Raia La Plata - Argentina Dear Marisa: With some bureaucratic complications with Customs of Argentina, today I could remove the Gramercy Tools, of course paying the rights. I wish to emphasize that the product is excellent and congratulations to all the team for making Holdfast as good tools for a carpenter. Happy 2015 to you and all the best !!! Best Regards Ricardo Raia La Plata - Argentina
Great service...great product!
By: Greg M. - Cleveland, Ohio (Dec, 2014)
Having taken the last year building my workbench, I promised myself that upon completion my reward would be to purchase a set of these holdfasts. Well, the workbench is done and the order was placed on Cyber Monday! The holdfasts arrived at my doorstep by the time I arrived home from work Wednesday and I took little time unboxing them. It was nice to see a handwritten "Thank You" note jotted on the invoice and it put a smile on my face when I read MADE IN THE U.S.A. stamped on the side of this well-made product. After one whack of the mallet I knew these were quality! They held the stock down securely and released it just as easily with a few firm taps to the side stem. However, even with the lightning fast delivery, product that worked perfectly, professional and personal A-1 Customer Service...would you believe both of the holdfasts came to me bent!!! (bad joke!)-It's really nice to see company's like Tools For Working Wood are still out there.
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power systems engineer
By: Ricardo Raia (Oct, 2014)
As your website shows their products are of excellent quality. !!!! Iam professional woodworking hobbyist Best regard Richard Raia La Plata - Argentina
Works perfect, can't beat the price
By: Ken C (Sep, 2014)
These holdfasts work perfectly. They are a traditional concept made from modern material. Some of the holdfasts on the market look great but are made of a brittle material (cast iron?) They break. I doubt you could break one of these. I bought 1 and will buy another.
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These are fantastic!
By: Eric Commarato (Sep, 2014)
These holdfasts are great, indestructible and hold wonderfully .
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Can't live without these
By: Jim McVicar (Aug, 2014)
I bought one of these holdfasts and only had to use it once to realize I needed a second one. No more messing with on the edge of my bench. One hit with a mallet and it's solid. A tap on the back and it's loose. Thanks to the team at Gramercy for this very well made, traditional gem.
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Great service
By: Tom Clifford (Aug, 2014)
Just a note to say thanks for the quick service. I received my holdfasts in four days plus a nice note from Marisa. Great service and nice touch too! Thanks Tom
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I Should Have Bought These Sooner
By: Jon Not John (Aug, 2014)
After years of clamping projects to my bench, I finally pulled the trigger on two of these. What a revelation! These fit perfectly in a 3/4 inch dog hole and tenaciously hold onto whatever needs holding! My bench top is 2 1/2 inch thick southern yellow pine (though I live the land of Douglas Fir) and these work wonderfully. Don't think twice about purchasing a set; you will love the quick, simple, and amazing holding power.
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Hobby Woodworker
By: Craig Miller (Aug, 2014)
I purchased two of these holdfasts about a month ago and I absolutely love them. My bench top is 3 1/2" thick and I have no problem getting them to hold or removing them. Prior to purchasing these I was clamping everything to my workbench which took an exorbitant amount of time, now it takes just a couple of seconds to clamp wood to the bench. Great job Gramercy.
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Holdfast Variation
By: michael spexarth (May, 2014)
Best holdown going. Since you have gone to this effort, would it be possible to simply extend the leg, machine flat the palm of the arm, and make a handscrew fitting similar to a standard pipe clamp? Thus we would have a good 24" or so handy shop clamp, as well as a holdown.
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Smokin' good holdfast
By: John Passacantando (Mar, 2014)
Bought two of these holdfasts after my second cheap cast one broke. These are terrific. Ancient design but nothing in my shop holds like these. Recommended on the Chris Schwarz Xmas list. I had to modify my bench as Gramercy recommends in the video, if your bench top is thicker than three inches, you have to widen the hole the holdfast goes into from underneath up to the 3 inch depth. Easily done with a foster bit and a piece of 3/4" dowel to center the bit. Will be back for more Gramercy tools when needed.
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Hold Everything. Well.
By: Brad White (Feb, 2014)
Having searched for a classic hold-fast (and going through at least one dramatic cast hold-fast failure), I was about to purchase a ductile iron model. I then stumbled upon the Gramercy hold-fasts and in that process, discovered TFWW itself as a bargain. I ordered a pair, the price could not be resisted. (These I use for the usual mortising functions, to hold dead-stops for planing and to hold down jig assemblies. Nothing exotic.) At first, they came loose without much side pressure. Re-seating did not make much difference. But then I read some of these comments and, indeed, the stems do need to be scuffed up a bit. I used a 60x sanding disk I had lying around, others said 80 grit, I suppose not enough difference. It did the trick! The work conventionally, tap-down to tighten, back-tap to release, fast and easy. The right amount of "spring" too, without fear. A spare set of over-sized old holes at the back of the bench make for handy storage in my case. As one refinement, I used Barge Cement (contact cement) to glue a pad of leather to the seating face to forestall marring. That or a block of wood will suffice, but I wanted to try something "attached". Seems to work just fine but time will tell. I recommend these highly, for performance, strength, looks and price, all in one package.
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GREAT Holdfasts
By: Joe Beaton (Dec, 2013)
Best damn Holdfast I've ever owned!! Depth, length, strength, etc. = OUTSTANDING!!!
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Can't beat them
By: Guy Lautard (Dec, 2013)
My current benchtop is a 7-1/2' length of MicroLam, 1-3/4" thick. I drilled 3/4" holes in it for threaded rods for big hold-down fingers I made from 2x4's. They work, but the Gramercy Tools Holdfasts are faster. Can't beat the price, and they'll last several lifetimes. I bought 4. Got to make a mallet for whackin' 'em, now.
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By: Gerald (Nov, 2013)
I have designed and built my own very basic Roubo-style bench. Money, time, skill and tools were all in short supply so I built the whole thing out of construction grade 2X6 studs using only 90 deg cuts and an old, dull D12 saw. The top is 5 1/2 inches thick. I do not have the money right now to buy any kind of decent vise so I thought I'd use holdfasts on the side in addition to the top. I am using the holdfasts from Gramercy and drilled nine 3/4 holes 10 inches deep alongside of the top. The problem is that the holdfasts will not clamp down to the side no matter how hard or at what angle I strike them. I've used them successfully in my sawbenches that are built out of 2X4s. One good whack with the mallet on top sets it tight, another whack on the side and a pull up frees it. The only thing I can think is that the 3/4 inch (slightly larger) holes don't allow the holdfast shaft to angle out-of-square enough to create enough torque or whatever. Otherwise they're great and well worth the money. Any advice or information you can provide would be greatly appreciated.
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Shop owner
By: WC Harris (Oct, 2013)
Received a pair of these holddowns yesterday - FINALLY something that actually does what it claims...Rockler selling cast holddowns for $14 which will not match these for longevity and/or function. I will be returning to buy in the future - Thanks - Bill
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Holdfast.... fast in both senses
By: James Pargiter (Oct, 2013)
Quicker than clamps or vises and they hold just as strong. BANG! you're clamped! BANG! you're free! Exceptionally well made. I've got a 4" bench top and 6" legs with dog holes. Clamps down well on both. I'm not exaggerating when I say mine are among my favorite tools.
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By: Richard Andrew Law (Oct, 2013)
I don't know how any woodworker manages without a pair of these babies.
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Professional woodwoodworker/ cabinet maker
By: Danny Hellyar (Oct, 2013)
I've had these Gramercy holdfasts for a couple of years now and just wanted to let you and others know how I love using them. So much faster and easier than other methods of clamping to the top of my workbench. Although I'm recommending users glue a piece of leather on the contact point to avoiding marring your wood. I haven't been able to find any other holdfasts of this quality any where near this price. Definitely one of the best values in my wood shop !
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Great workers
By: Brian Hugo (Sep, 2013)
Works perfectly in doug fir 2.5 inch thick laminated bench top.
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Excellent product and service
By: Greg (Aug, 2013)
Just got my holdfasts and they perform exactly as advertised. My brother in-law was visiting NYC but couldn't make it in to the store so I had it delivered to his hotel. The package arrived at the hotel the next morning and the cost was very reasonable.
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By: Mike Aikens (Aug, 2013)
They hold tight, let go when told to. Don't cost much. As good as it gets
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These are Fantastic!
By: Chris Griggs (Aug, 2013)
I can't believe I waited so long to buy these! They are hands down the best work holding device I have ever used. The fact that pair only cost me about $40 shipped is the icing on the cake. In terms of cost to usefulness there is no question that these are one of the highest value woodworking purchases you will encounter. Many thanks to Joel and the gang for producing such a excellent and so well priced item. I couldn't be happier with my purchase.
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Work for me too
By: Dave B. (Jul, 2013)
Just got a set and (after some 150 grit) they hold great in my 3" thick bench. I also have holes in a 5" thick leg and they don't work there....yet. I think I have to relieve the back of the holes about 1" x 1" and then they will work great there too.
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Super Duper Holdfasts
By: Judge E. (Jul, 2013)
I've had these since they first came out, seems like 5 years now. They are great, form, function, and tremendous holding powers. Love them and all the Gramercy products I own.
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Top notch at a bargin price
By: Travis S. (Jun, 2013)
I have a pair of these for my 3 inch thick woodworking bench and they have awesome holding power after a few passes if 80 grit sandpaper. They have been in my garage for almost a year and they are the only metal item in it that I haven't had to clean rust off of. The metal is high quality and they look cool too! I will be buying more.
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By: James Pring (Jun, 2013)
iThese are amazing. I don't have a split top roubo, only a cobbled together bench but these still work amazingly well. I am no longer chasing the work piece and my work is safer.
I own this product.
By: Geoff (Wales,UK) (May, 2013)
I couldn't get anything like these in the UK but found these via a WEB search. They are wonderful tools which work extremely well - speeding up my work enormously. The service provided by the Brooklyn store (from Jocko) was superb. I bought two but am about to order more.
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What else can you say!
By: Thomas Priest (May, 2013)
Simple, Gramercy, TFFW. Built like a rock, nice pads, drop-whack-work-smack...nothing to it. Perfect function, expertly made and easy on the wallet...what else can you say...Keep up the great products TFWW, thanks for being a great American Business!
I own this product.
By: Tom Dickey (Apr, 2013)
Great tool. Cost is good, they hold great. Shipped fast.
I own this product.
Holdfast Review
By: Rick (Mar, 2013)
These are the only holdfasts that work as advertised, and can handle repeated pounding with a wooden mallet. Other brands I have used have cracked/broken with repeated use. You can't go wrong with a pair of these
I own this product.
By: Tom Erbaugh (Mar, 2013)
Like all the other reviewers say, these hold great! Just pay attention to the instructions about the holes and the suggestion of using a leather patch. What REALLY impresses me is that you, Joel, figured out what was the essential feature of holdfasts, and then found a manufacturer to make them to that specification in the USA for the price you sell them for. Outstanding!!
I own this product.
By: David B. (Mar, 2013)
These work great in my 3" Doug Fir bench. I showed my six year old how they hold. He asked if they were "magic". I told him no, but I think yes.
I own this product.
Great Product
By: Kyle B. (Mar, 2013)
Just received a pair yesterday. They shipped quickly and with a quick wipe down they were ready to use. I have a 2" thick bench and they hold and release great with a moderate whack of the mallet. No more clamping to the bench with hand clamps!
I own this product.
By: Brander "Badger" Roullett (Mar, 2013)
These are great to have in the shop, I use them quite a bit for work holding. I use them on my bench top which is 2x12 construction grade doug fir, with a 3/4" hole drilled where appropriate. It works just fine, and holds like the dickens. You'll want to have a beefy wooden mallet for whacking the back of the holdfast to get it loose, and for setting it. I find that having some small scraps of pine to rest on my work before whacking really helps with my thinner bench top, as it elevates the head a little. Recommended.
I own this product.
By: Mike in Tenn (Mar, 2013)
I don't have experience with other holdfasts but I don't think others could work any better, especially at this price. I should buy another pair. I can't get the 5th star highlighted all the way
I own this product.
By: Pete van der Lugt (Mar, 2013)
I have four of these holdfasts. My bench's top is 3" thick. They are simply amazing. Not only do these work Perfectly, but if you have never used holdfasts, you owe it to yourself to give them a try. And you won't find a more economical set to try the process with. If you do hand work, these will very simply speed up your work, by offering a consistent and rigid way of holding your work. I can't speak highly enough of them.
I own this product.
Great holdfast!
By: Art Kieres (Mar, 2013)
Why did all previous standard style holdfasts disappoint so badly? These work great, hit to hold, hit to release. I use them every day and I've never had to barbarically beat on them to get them set like some other brands. Another wonderful Gramercy product.
I own this product.
The BEST holdfast value!
By: Jeff Morton (Mar, 2013)
I purchased one pair of the Gramercy Tools holdfasts and have put them through their paces. They are extremely well made and strong, yet work like a champ. I heartily endorse them and plan to buy another pair soon,
I own this product.
The Standard for Holdfasts
By: Adam Welker (Feb, 2013)
These holdfasts are elegant, functional, and you can't beat the price. Who knew it was so easy to make a great holdfast? I own four and use them everyday. I am adding a second bench to my shop and will get Gramercy holdfasts for it as well. Best on the market!
I own this product.
Great Job
By: Walt B. (Feb, 2013)
Just got holes drilled in my 3 & 1/2 inch hard maple bench top and the holdfasts work great. Was somewhat mentally hard to actually put holes in the bench, but have seen these in use too often on Roy Underhill's show. Really like them and having seen prices for blacksmith forged ones, really find the price exceptional. Great job.
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