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Hock Cap Irons for Stanley Planes

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Hock Tools | Irons and Cap Irons for Stanley Bench Planes
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  Replacement Parts for Stanley and Other Tools
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 Cap Iron for Stanley No. 3 (1 3/4" wide) ($27.95) In Stock
 Cap Iron for Stanley Plane - for Stanley No. 4,5 (2" wide) ($29.95) In Stock
 Cap Iron for Stanley Plane - for Stanley No. 4 1/2,5 1/2,6,7 (2 3/8" wide) ($31.95) Sold Out
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 Cap Iron for Stanley Plane - for Stanley No. 8 (2 5/8" wide) ($37.95) In Stock
Ron Hock, the pioneer in high performance after-market irons for Stanley planes, has finally started making cap irons. His cap irons are substantially heavier (.118) than the old-style cap irons, and come with their own cap iron screws in a normal modern thread. This increases the effective blade thickness of your plane, at a relatively low cost. You will notice an immediate difference in the quality of your planing with these cap irons! The cap irons were specifically designed for Ron's high performance carbon and A2 blades, but also work with stock Stanley blades. Made in France.
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