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Gent's Dovetail Saws

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Beech handled, Steel Backed, 10" saw - 16 tpi alt="Beech handled, Steel Backed, 10" saw - 16 tpi"cancel Beech handled, Steel Backed, 10" saw - 16 tpi ($22.95) In Stock
Walnut handled, Brass backed 10" saw - 20 tpi alt="Walnut handled, Brass backed 10" saw - 20 tpi"cancel Walnut handled, Brass backed 10" saw - 20 tpi ($33.95) In Stock
Traditionally the term "gent's" was applied to fancy tools, and these tools are no exception. Their look and feel are wonderful. The walnut-handled saw has 20 teeth per inch (tpi)and a brass backed blade. (The saw formerly had a rosewood handle but the maker, PAX, switched to American Black Walnut because of environmental concerns.) The Beech handled saw has a steel back and has 16 tpi. With the handle and back centered, these saws are easy to control.

I'm a big fan of the gent's saws. They're perfect for dovetailing and cutting all but the deepest tenons. What I like most about them is that their blades are thick enough so that if you start cutting a little crooked you can twist the blade and straighten out the cut. The teeth are ground with a modern grind that cuts well ripping (for dovetailing) and okay for crosscutting. The set of the saw, while greater than our own Gramercy Tools saw line, is manageable and perfectly acceptable. Both of these saws have found wide acceptance among schools because of their low cost. They are really excellent saws to use while learning skills.
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Semi Professional
By: Norm (Aug, 2017)
I have used these saws for years. Once I sharpen and set them to my taste they work as well much more expensive saws. I have reset them for crosscut and rip with a progressive rake. They do just as well as my old disstons. I use them for dovetails and small tenon work. The steel is excellent and holds an edge very well.
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Great Saw
By: Clay Dowling (Apr, 2015)
I bought this saw on a whim. It's cheaper than the throw away saws at the hardware store. It cuts as well was a high end saw. The gent's saw form isn't my favorite, but I was able to dovetail a very nice maple book case with it, and couldn't be happier with the quality of the tool.
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A nice saw that get's better with use
By: Bob Groh (Nov, 2014)
First point: although I have been fuzzing with woodworking for a long time, I am not even close to an expert. Having said that, this saw does seem to do a nice job. Not as nice as my Veritas but not bad. I think it is a bit 'notchy' when I start a cut but when it gets going, it does well enough. And goodness knows it is pretty inexpensive!
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By: Dan (Oct, 2013)
You would think that a saw is a saw but this saw works nothing like the what the big box store sell. It's smooth both ways. PAX knows how to make a saw and Gramercy knows how to pick great tools. Thanks for having tools that work.
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