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Fugaku Super Hard 240 mm Folding Kataba Saw

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 Folding Kataba Saw ($45.95) In Stock
 Folding Kataba Saw - Replacement Blade ($18.95) In Stock
This folding, general purpose kataba saw will make swift work of laminated wood, plywood, MDF, general timber and composites. Kataba saws are single-bladed like the more famous dozukis, but they have stiffer, thicker blades and much shorter metal spines. This means you can use it for deeper cuts through a board. It's great for jobs like sawing plywood panels, where the stronger blade, aggressive crosscut teeth and the absence of the long spine lets you cut into a large panel without interference. The saw cuts a little slower than a thinner saw but that's the only tradeoff. You’ll also be delighted by the smooth finish left despite the aggressive teeth.

The saw blade folds securely into the handle, making the saw easy and safe to transport in any toolbox or bag.

Impulse hardened teeth. Rustproof with nickel plating. Blade length: 240 mm (9.4"). Blade thickness: 0.6 mm. Teeth pitch/TPI: 1.9 mm/13.4. Kerf: 0.90mm. Solid wood handle. Made in Japan.

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