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Accu-Burr™ Carbide Burnisher - AB1 3/16” diameter rod

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Accu-Burr™ Carbide Burnisher -  AB1  3/16” diameter rodAccu-Burr™ Carbide Burnisher -  AB1  3/16” diameter rodcancelleft arrowright arrow
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Handled Accu-Burr  (Accu-Burr Jr.) alt="Handled Accu-Burr  (Accu-Burr Jr.)"cancel Handled Accu-Burr (Accu-Burr Jr.) ($69.99) In Stock
Unhandled Accu-Burr AB1 alt="Unhandled Accu-Burr AB1"cancel Unhandled Accu-Burr AB1 ($39.95) In Stock
Pair of bronze ferrules for making your own handles for AB1 burnisher alt="Pair of bronze ferrules for making your own handles for AB1 burnisher"cancel Pair of bronze ferrules for making your own handles for AB1 burnisher ($14.99) In Stock
Blackburn Tools is known as a maker of superior saws, so we were excited to learn about the Accu-Burr burnisher, made by Blackburn Tools in partnership with Lakeshore Carbide. They call this innovative burnisher "the only burnisher you’ll need on your bench." The Accu-Burr AB1 features a 3/16” diameter rod with 3 V-shaped grooves around its middle. The grooves are precision-ground to turn a fine, medium or coarse burr simultaneously on both sides of any prepared scraper edge. This enables you to form a precise and repeatable burr simultaneously on both edges of the scraper. The Accu-Burr AB1 is extremely versatile - it works on any shape scraper, even concave scrapers with edges above 3/32” curve radii; on nearly any thickness scraper, from 0.010" up to 0.100" thick; and on virtually any hardness (including HSS steel blades at approximately Rc 65). You’ll also get no deflection on thin card scrapers, or profile scrapers that are necessarily held high above the vise.

To use, hold the Accu-Burr perpendicular to the scraper edge and centered on one of the three groove options - fine (5°), medium (10°) or coarse (15°). Draw the Accu-Burr firmly along the length of the scraper edge with a firm downward force. Use a tiny amount of oil for smoothness of operation. The burnishing action will raise a very slight burr. If you cannot feel any burr, repeat as needed. The Accu-Burr can also be used as a conventional burnisher by drawing its ungrooved section along the scraper’s edge.

We are stocking two versions of the Accu-Burr AB1 - the brass handled "Junior" and an unhandled version. The Junior does give you more leverage when burnishing because of its length with handles, but the unhandled version works fine on its own too. Lots of people also get the unhandled version and make their own handles with or without the bronze ferrules that we also stock. Note: the ferrules will fit the AB1 burnisher, not the AB2. See the link below to a download with instructions for making the handles.

Made in USA
I really love the Accu-Burr. It’s not every day a new tool comes out that challenges the tried-and-true methods (well... for some people) and comes out ahead. It has certainly been a game changer for my finish prep. - Ethan Sincox (the Kilted Woodworker), Quercus Magazine, Nov/Dec 2022
Customer Reviews:
One of the best woodworking innovations in years!
By: Ethan Sincox (Feb, 2023)
I purchased an Accu-Burr from the second available run (I wasn't fast enough for the first batch) with my own money, full price. I chose to add my own handles to it and went with London pattern. Even after a good 15 years of woodworking experience, I've always had troubles turning a good burr on my card scrapers. I can turn a burr, but often times it doesn't last long enough or isn't the right level of aggression for what I need. I've tried a number of techniques to improve my burrs, but was never very impressed. That all changed with the Accu-Burr! After the handles were set, I pulled out ALL of my scrapers and rectangular scraps of spring steel (maybe 8 scrapers in total?) and went to work. Within just a few minutes, I had strong, well-defined burrs on EVERY SINGLE ONE!! Even my gooseneck scraper had a burr around the ENTIRE EDGE and took full shavings with every curve. This tool has absolutely boosted my scraper game. I love it.
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